• How long can a package be left in a parcel locker?

    Do you want to place an online order with delivery to a parcel terminal? Do you want to avoid social contacts in order to pick her up in person or from an office? You do not want to comply with working hours? All these reasons justify your decision to choose a convenient delivery that allows 24/7 service. What would happen to your order if you do not take it from the cage in the coming days? 

    How long will your package stay in the mailbox?

    One of the most important questions for consumers when choosing delivery to the nearest parcel terminal is the following: How long is the shipment stored in the terminal cage before it is returned to the supplier? 

    If you are wondering how much time you have to pick up your shipment in person, the answer may not be very clear. Suppliers usually decide how long the shipment can stay before it is returned to them if it is not picked up. The period varies between 7 – 10 days (whether working or not). This is the maximum time you can postpone the receivable, but it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. 

    Although the cells are highly protected and have a suitable temperature regime, pick up your shipments quickly. Once you receive a “signal” – SMS, email notification or through the application of the terminal, you can go immediately. Deliveries to the parcel terminal are very fast, be loyal to the traders. 

    We would like to advise you to take a very good look at the delivery options to terminals – you may have chosen one farther from your home or workplace. Organize your delivery as conveniently as possible to pick it up quickly.  

    You can order at the nearest and most convenient terminal for you to pick up the products on the same day. When they arrive in the cell, you will receive an SMS or email notification, which means that delivery awaits you. To get it, you must have the secret unlock code. 

    Ordering in this way allows you to put in the virtual basket whatever you want. There is almost no limit, unless you want to shop in bulk or larger products. There are usually cells of different sizes, but still judge carefully and make an inquiry on this issue if you have any doubts. 

    What should we do if the deadline for taking the shipment expires?

    Looking for an alternative to picking up a shipment? Can someone else take my parcels as a last resort? Yes, this is the next step if you do not want your products returned to the retailer. This question also excites a number of customers who like to order mostly online. 

    Parcel terminals provide outstanding amenities that can not be compared to any other delivery:

    • access 24/7
    • selection of cell close distance from your home or workplace and soon.
    • High level of security
    • control delivery
    • notification by email, SMS or notification in the application
    • long enough to take the package

    However, sometimes some unforeseen situations arise. It is possible to obstruct the collection process within the period in which the goods will wait for storage before being returned to the supplier.

    In conclusion, here is the answer to the question of whether someone else can take your goods from the cage – yes, but subject to certain conditions. 

    What are the conditions for your delegate to pick up your shipment?

    Although the collection of the packages is done through self-service, the collection from another person (different from the one specified) requires compliance with certain requirements.

    However, before we list them, you should know that the most important thing is that the person mentioned is a really close person you trust. 

    Here’s what it takes to get a package from another person when you can’t get it in person:

    • Credentials – There are terminal models that have technology that requires identification with an identity document. This is the first step that the person you gave permission to take your shipment must take. You will need to explicitly notify the provider that you want someone else to do your job. You will need to provide the full name, phone number, etc. Upon confirmation, the person must go to the terminal and open the cell with the code provided. 
    • Access code that you have received by email or SMS – this is the most important information that your loved one should have. Without an access code, the cell has no way to open. Be sure to give it to him so that everything runs smoothly and without problems.
    • If you need to pay, when you pick up the package, the authorized person must pay for the goods to pick them up. Must use a personal debit or credit card (in his name). In case everything is already paid, this step is skipped and the process becomes even easier and faster. 


    Once you understand how valuable parcel terminals are, you can use them for any online order. It is only important to do it in such a period in which you will be sure that you will not be absent for more than a week from the settlement where the terminal is located. Otherwise, the lockers are individual, top secret and a safe place for your shipments. 

    Do your best to pick up your package in person so as not to complicate the process. 

  • Effective Ways to Improve your Distribution Channel Strategy

    Many businesses put distribution strategy in the background. Is this a mistake and why? You may have more important concerns, but never underestimate the development in this direction. Improving the efficiency of distribution channels will open up great opportunities for your business to increase profits and stimulate business growth.

    Why worry about your distribution channel strategy?

    The distribution channel, generally speaking, is the way in which products travel to the end customer. This is a particularly important point because it plays an important role in improving service and hence increasing the satisfaction of all participants in a transaction. We can point to a typical movement for a store that deals with retail. 

    Each product goes through the following path:

    • manufacturer
    • distributor
    • retailer
    • end customer

    In e-commerce things are a little different. There, sales go directly into the hands of consumers. This method of buying and selling is very modern, efficient and convenient. Consumers’ ways of thinking, as well as their expectations, change dramatically over time. If you do not focus on a good distribution channel strategy, you will lag behind the competitive niche. 

    Do not miss opportunities, but do everything possible to achieve a good level, from which you can only develop forward!

    Improving the efficiency of the distribution channel

    There are several key points that improve the efficiency of distribution. 

    The following tips apply to any small, start-up or established company:

    • Properly identify the advantages and disadvantages of your distribution channels
    • Control your costs and save while passing products through the distribution channel
    • Effectively move a product or products to the end customer

    Understand your distribution channel strategy

    Prepare a plan for your current strategy and follow it strictly. It is important that it is very well thought out and implemented specifically for your business. 

    Distribution channels can be categorized along the supply chain or the level of market penetration, distinguishing five main categories:

    • Direct distribution
    • Indirect distribution
    • Selective distribution
    • Intensive distribution
    • Exclusive distribution

    Direct distribution 

    In direct distribution the path of the product is direct – it moves from the manufacturer to the customer. This is probably the most complex process because the company is required to have vehicles, a logistics team and its own storage facilities. All this requires high capital investment. 

    Direct distribution as a choice for distribution channel is recommended for more expensive and perishable goods, large farmers and others.

    Indirect distribution

    Indirect distribution is the complete opposite of direct distribution. Multiple parties (intermediate channels) are involved until the product reaches the end user. Disadvantages include the following – complex organization, high final price for the product and the likelihood of delivery delays due to a number of errors while the goods pass through the various participants. It is necessary to achieve greater harmony and to consider improving the efficiency of supply.

    All countries (wholesalers, distributors, retailers and manufacturers) specialize in one task. Indirect distribution of goods is lower initial costs. 

    Selective distribution 

    Selective means products that are distributed selectively – to a number of endpoints. These distribution channels are halfway between exclusive and intensive distribution, which we will consider below. 

    Intensive distribution 

    Intensive distribution applies to mass products, such as fast moving consumer goods. This strategy is most widely used in businesses with many competitors. The greater the visibility of a product, the more it would be bought by the customer, because it is not expensive. The customer is often inclined to make a direct purchase without much thought. An important detail, relying on intensive distribution, is to avoid the risk of improper distribution. 

    Exceptional distribution 

    Exceptional manufacturers work in a completely different method. They sell their product to exclusive distributors. The products on offer are not mass-produced. They belong to the luxury and rarer goods, usually characterized by a higher price. 

    The strategy, in this case, aims to reach a certain circle of consumers who appreciate a brand and its product range and are willing to order from a distant place, to wait longer for delivery, etc. That is why the products are offered in much less places. 

    Streamline product movement

    Every business strives for rationalization. This saves a lot of manual labor and financial resources. In this regard, we advise you to consider the following improvements:

    Optimization of warehouses

    Storage of goods is one of the most important things in a growing business for trade. Each product starts from a warehouse, where the process is very important. In case you have not organized your warehouses very well, you can waste a lot of time preparing the shipments, and therefore delay delivery.

    Optimizing the storage space to the maximum and keeping it in perfect condition will save you a lot of time and effort in searching for the right products. This will allow you to respond very quickly and efficiently when a merchant’s stock is depleted or an online order needs to be executed. 

    With a well-concentrated storage scheme, the products can be very easily distributed to the final location. This can be achieved with proper organization in the warehouses – arrangement, packaging, inventory tracking and shipping. 

    Using shipments from direct suppliers

    Have you ever wondered how useful this strategy is? Yes, it is, especially with unpredictable demand and supply to wider areas. Here you can find a higher fee, namely for transport costs, but there will also be positive dividends in terms of lower costs for storage or management of goods, such as storage in their own warehouses.

    Delivery of packages to automatic lockers

    Intelligent parcel terminals are devices that streamline the entire process of delivery and receipt of products by customers. They are characterized as a very reliable tool. They are also a key step towards the improvement of BOPIS, where they are gaining even more popularity. 

    By using personal terminal parcels, you improve your distribution channel many times over, and the positive thing is that they can store many different types of retail shipments. Lockers automate some processes, make orders more reliable and efficient. Customer satisfaction also increases. 

    BOPIL systems offer several important advantages:

    • self-service
    • reliable and efficient delivery, which reduces important business costs
    • product inventories are easier than ever. This is due to the fact that the parcel terminals record information about the products that are stored or returned.
    • less manual labor on the part of employees – sorting products and finding them in the large pile are eliminated
    • losses and thefts are drastically reduced through this delivery method

    Final tips for the distribution channel strategy on your distribution

    • Keep an eyechannel and evaluate it adequately – a strategy is not a universal solution for the whole life of the business. As working conditions, consumer demand and expectations change, so does the strategy, which must be constantly researched and adjusted to work well for you.
    • Match the distribution channels to the type of product being sold – here it is important to answer a few important questions. Are the products we sell perishable? Is it a mass product or a niche product? Each of these answers will direct you to different distribution channels to make them as effective as possible.
    • The distribution must be arranged – you must act so that customers are satisfied with the delivery time. Otherwise, the strategy will not be successful. Do you know how to streamline distribution? The right steps are reviewing the efficiency of your warehouse, collaborating with direct suppliers, and installing smart ship lockers.
    • It is important to know that distribution channels are much more than just moving physical products from place to place. They actually represent the path your name takes. Achieve high efficiency with well-maintained and improved distribution channels. You can offer the best products and have developed very good marketing channels, but that is not enough. A good distribution strategy is needed to deliver the product. 

    By following these principles, your business will thrive. You will enjoy good profits and loyal customers. 

  • Effective Ways to Improve your Distribution Channel Strategy?

    Many businesses put the distribution strategy in the background. Is this a mistake and why? ...
  • How long will a package be left in a parcel locker?

    Do you want to place an online order with delivery to a parcel terminal? Do you want to avoid social contacts in order to pick it up? You do not want to comply with working hours? ...
  • What Is A Parcel Locker Technology?

    The future is focused on innovation, on optimizing a number of processes and reducing manual labor. Are you familiar with the emerging solution for delivery of packages to a parcel terminal? These are smart lockers that can literally make everyone’s life easier.

    They allow easy self-service and fewer delivery costs. Despite their early success, however, many residents and property managers still do not know about them and their function. Therefore, we will introduce you to their main features, technology and mode of operation.

    Parcel terminals – the technological solution for locking parcels

    The parcel technology for locking is not something new on the market, but it is increasingly entering in response to the difficulty in servicing e-commerce. This type of method is extremely convenient for a number of participations in the chain, in fact for all.

    • Retailers have the opportunity to increase sales with better delivery service
    • Carriers save time, cost and effort in terms of multiple deliveries
    • Consumers get more convenience and lower risk when ordering goods
    • Finally, the benefits of technology are also for the environment – fewer miles are traveled.

    These types of devices are a real miracle nowadays. Not all electronic lockers are the same. On the contrary, there are many different projections, which means more satisfied people. In this way, any trader can provide an option for delivery to the parcel terminal, because he knows that the goods can be stored properly.

    Customer service is via an intuitive display, and couriers open a cell to deliver shipments (access only). The system is extremely precisely designed – although it is fully automated, for self-service purposes, it is also equipped with protection mechanisms. The material is very strong and resistant to various acts of vandalism and attempted theft.

    In addition, it has video surveillance cameras that record every step of the actors. There is no limit to the location of this innovative technology – they are applicable to almost any area (shopping malls, on the street, in residential buildings, supermarkets, gas stations, schools, hospitals, etc.)

    What you should look for in parcel terminals in terms of technologies?

    Nowadays, technology is an inevitable part of our lives. However, good projections must meet certain conditions. In this case, when choosing a parcel terminal, the following is important:

    • The quality of the system – this is probably the most important factor. The system is required to be robust enough to be secure and the software to have built-in security functionality. As in this case, as with any other system, it must work as efficiently as possible – easily and with minimal maintenance requirements.
    • The mechanical construction of the lockers – the door handles and the doors themselves, their hinges, etc.
    • Remote 24/7 maintenance – although these designs require almost no maintenance, you still need to rely on someone if the system does not work. Remote maintenance will ensure you remove any small bugs in no time.
    • Safety and protection in parcel terminals – all participants in the “transaction” of deliveries must be well enough convinced and sure that each shipment is in a safe place. Parcel terminals do just that, but still be careful when ordering them and ask for every important detail. It is important for the software to collect a large enough amount of information about the data from the cameras, for placing and taking the packets, etc.
    • Easy and simple mechanisms to use – in addition to the convenience of picking up shipments 24/7, this type of technology is extremely easy to manage. The intuitive display shows you the steps, and the user just has to follow them. The whole procedure takes about a minute or two. In addition, systems must have the option to pay on the spot.

    6 interesting facts about parcel lockers

    There are many curious facts about parcel lockers, but we have selected six of the most significant ones. ParcelHive creates many innovative technologies that it implements in each product. Here’s what we’d like to focus on:

    A high-tech solution idea

    The parquet cabinets can be very different. Probably some would compare them to lockers at school or in the gym, where you can lock your belongings in a safe place. Well, you’re not right at all. The technology of the parcel terminals is completely different.

    Innovative parcel delivery technologies combine modern hardware and software technologies. In this way they allow unobstructed control – for placing and taking packages. In fact, the procedure for their use is very easy and fast – another fact that makes them stand out. The technology is made in order to save maximum time and non-commitment of consumers to pick up their parcel.

    Couriers interact with lockers via portable devices to mark the code and appropriate size of the shipment. Users then receive a signal (email or SMS) that the shipment is waiting for them at the terminal specified by them. They have the right to receive at a time that is convenient for them. There is no greater convenience than this.

    They work well indoors and outdoors

    In the beginning, the first projections of the cabinets were much more demanding in terms of their installation. There was a requirement to be indoors. However, this was small problem eliminates the possibility of 24/7 service.

    Subsequently, technology has improved. Stronger and more stable terminals have appeared, with different sizes and temperature regimes that allow them to be installed anywhere. Even outdoors, shipments are just as well protected as when installed in large stores, hospitals, universities and more.

    Today, any user can place an order for a parcel terminal without worrying about the location where they will place it. Fortunately for everyone, there are options for interior and exterior layout.

    Packages are a great opportunity to report to property managers.

    The innovative lockers that are being designed today are extremely sophisticated. What does this mean in this case? They can track and report data very successfully. This, in turn, is valuable information for property managers. In this way, their manual labor is significantly reduced, which leads to optimization of work and costs. The systems work with leading property management software packages (such as MRI, Entrata and Yardi Systems).

    Residents increasingly understand their need

    Property managers are the ones who have “opened the eyes” of the communities for which they are responsible. Package management is one of the most difficult processes and therefore the best alternative are parcel terminals. Residents, on the other hand, are extremely enthusiastic about this great step in facilitating the delivery process.

    The fact is that various surveys show that residents appreciate and show great satisfaction with this service. They even point out that they never imagined that such technology could be so useful, but they would not replace it. Therefore – install at will.

    Participate actively in retaining and attracting new residents to an area

    Property owners or managers, by providing convenient package lockers, can significantly increase the satisfaction of their community, but also make them think if they want to relocate. This positive influence is noticed by everyone.

    In addition to what has been said so far, lockers can also be used to attract new residents. They are a potential “fishing rod” for easy property sales or rentals.

    Smart lockers really turn the downside of parcel delivery into a positive. This significantly improves the service and delights the residents. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of this emerging solution to have an edge over others. Improve your business and make life easier for your residents!

    Parcel terminals are literally the best solution – functionality and convenience

    We live in a developing world and as such we can not ignore the growth of online shopping. Today, literally, everything can be obtained through the Internet – food, baby food and accessories, household goods, personal hygiene, detergents, clothes, shoes, etc. It can be equipped from-to – with just one click.

    To help this whole process, in order to continue so easily, you need to consider a more optimal delivery – fast, easy and cheap. Parcel terminals are the technology you need. They are suitable for storing any goods for several days. Even the most obsolete goods can be preserved until the consumer picks them up. These include not only food and beverages, but also flowers, medicines, cosmetics and more.

    In addition to the above valuable facts about parcel terminals, we should not miss their role in emergencies, as is currently the case. COVID-19 is a prerequisite for stopping life in almost all countries, with the only alternative being online deliveries. Right now, there are several other benefits of locking cells:

    • Security and a safe community experience.
    • Receiving parcels without the need for contact with couriers, employees in courier offices, etc. – you are completely protected, and at the same time you can get all the necessary products very easily.
    • Easy observance of the measures for social distancing – so you will be calm that you protect yourself and your relatives by reducing your contacts to a minimum.


    Whether you need a parcel terminal for your business, community, personal use, etc., the most important thing is to consider your decision. There is no better place than ParcelHive. We will offer you the best construction according to your needs. Through our technologies we aim to provide a better experience for your customers. Over the years we have created many innovative and useful terminals that are extremely effective for business, consumers and courier companies.

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