Best Practices for Adopting a BOPIS Model

The need for social distancing in the last year and a half requires a reorientation of the whole way of life of people and business management. However, shopping remains an integral part of our daily lives. You are probably inspired by the well-known practice BOPIS – online purchase with free delivery when taken from the store. This practice has been a great success and is becoming more widespread, generating revenue, attracting new customers and maintaining loyal customers. 

What are the best practices for adopting the BOPIS model?

Here are some of the best practices for the BOPIS model that you can follow:

Customer facilitation

Although some retailers believe that customers do not make many physical purchases through BOPIS – this is not the case. Usually over 60% of visitors decide to visit the physical store when they come to receive their shipment. So this is a trick for additional sales, rather than the other way around. 

I recommend that you, in order to make it easier for the customer, place the BOPIS collection areas in front of or near the store. In addition, additional corridors and signs for receiving shipments can be considered. Curb parking and quick pick-up is also an advantage that will make the BOPIS experience easier. In practice, all this does not seem so complicated, but the results are very good. 

Remember that customers are looking for improved service and satisfaction so you can provide it. Everyone wants to avoid cumbersome and long shopping to save time and effort. 

Motivate additional purchases with personalized rewards

In this regard, there are several, very good opportunities. Make customer shopping more personal with little tricks, thus easily and very successfully stimulate additional sales. 

The first idea is to create coupons that you can attach to any BOPIS order. For example, it will be valid only for a certain day or weekend, and this will make the customer subconsciously look at the physical store to make a purchase at a discount – 10% -20%.

Another trick is to send a notification to customers with text (maybe an email) in which to offer them the so-called “cross-selling”, ie. related products to the purchase. This is a great convenience for customers, which they often take advantage of. 

Also give a discount coupon for the next purchase at a minimum value. This is also an incentive for the subsequent visit to the store and purchase, which will be an additional sale for you as traders. 

There are many ways to direct online shoppers to physical stores, so take some steps to do so.

Installing smart and contactless locker cases

Smart lockers are very useful for retail.

Customers remain extremely satisfied with the service, and the advantages are expressed in the following:

  • improving customer satisfaction.
  • saving time for taking the order.
  • many customers return for orders and make additional purchases from physical stores.
  • security of supply.
  • reducing the time to receive the order.
  • increasing the value of the user experience.


In general, customers report great gratitude when they are given the opportunity to service to a parcel terminal. In just a few seconds, the packages can be downloaded from the personal cell, with minimal human intervention, because the system is self-service.

This technique can help retailers significantly. Thanks to the parcel terminals, a contactless alternative to curbs can be provided, which will also create a comfortable BOPIS experience.

Create a streamlined multi-channel experience

One thing is clear – online sales will go up more and more, no matter how long the epidemic lasts. This is the future because it makes it easier for consumers and saves them a lot of time. Now is the time for retailers to take an extra step – to consider a streamlined multi-channel experience. 

This, in practice, means selling through multiple channels and devices for the purpose of single shopping. This results in a more profitable deal than single-channel shopping options, because they cost 4% more in the store, while online 10% more. Successful traders are already practicing this strategy and recognize that it is of great importance. 

Inform your customers about the options they can take advantage of

Users smile with a smile at the various options they can take advantage of. Everything related to BOPIS is important to them, but whether it’s picking from the curb or fast delivery on the same day, expectations are always to get better opportunities. They want to receive safe and reliable service from trusted retailers. 

The key conclusion is to inform the customer about these options as follows:

  • your mobile application
  • on the homepage of your website and on social media platforms
  • when paying


Among other things, the implementation of a seamless process on all channels requires very precise actions. These include good communication with customers, solid inventory management. efficient warehouse management as well as good supply infrastructure.

As a retailer, remember that you have to embrace new technologies, because this will improve all processes in the supply chain, and customers will still be satisfied.   

Focus on brand experience as a competitive advantage

Good analysts have come to the conclusion that brands need to consider reorienting their sales and service strategies. You need to relate to the experience and values ​​of the brand itself, rather than just the functional convenience of e-commerce.

Here is a valuable statistic: consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value, stay with a brand for an average of 5.1 years compared to 3.4 years, and will recommend brands with a much higher percentage 45%) 7.

Standards and rules of life are constantly changing. This also requires a flexible solution and good strategies for BOPIS purchases. Proven traders are going in the right direction and with new strengths and ideas they are able to continuously improve their customer service. 

Remember: consumers are the most valuable resource and you must constantly invest in their satisfaction. BOPIS is a great practice and the basis for many successful practices that retailers can apply. 

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