Brick & Mortar Remains King: The Value of In-Store Experiences

19/07/2021 Parcel Hive B2B

Do you know what they call the previous 2020? The golden year of online shopping and e-commerce. You probably know why? The growth, collectively, of the various sectors in e-sales, according to Digital Commerce 360, amounts to 76.8%. Retail stores with bricks and mortar are also not to be underestimated. Physical stores continue to play a key role in customer shopping, because live contact with goods is important to everyone. 

Retail stores of bricks and mortar: A place to try, touch and taste

The rate of return varies on average between 25-30%. In 2020, however, there is a very drastic change, namely a jump to 70%. Experts in the field predict that with the dissolution of the measures and the opening of stores, this return will fall again to some extent. Buyers like to see real goods, whether they are food, children’s goods, shoes, cosmetics, clothes or other types.

Very often there is a trend in which the consumer visits the physical store to see the product, but it turns out that there is no given number / size. However, the online space is more loaded and there is almost always the full color range or desired size. So they can order it online and pick it up from the store or order delivery to a parcel terminal. 

BOPIL increases customer satisfaction, sales and loyalty

BOPIS is a widespread delivery technique using the buy online and pick up from the store method. Many stores offer the service, and it is expected to reach 90% of all retailers by the end of 2021. On the other hand, the entry of BOPIL – buy online and take from a lockable locker brings higher customer satisfaction. 

BOPIL is also becoming more widespread, and in the last year and a half many traders and property owners have invested in such smart lockers. In this way, delivery of any online purchases became fast, easy, convenient and without physical contact. Measured in percentages before the implementation of these parcel terminals, customer satisfaction is reported below 50%, or more precisely 49%. With the installation of intelligent systems in over 1,700 brick and mortar stores, customer satisfaction jumped to 81%! 

This is quite commendable and an increasingly sought after service by every user or resident in a property.

The benefits are huge, and the whole procedure of taking the shipment takes an average of 30 seconds per person. In this fast-paced time in which we live, it is quite a success in the field of technology and online shopping. Customers get the experience they expect and rate their shopping as very exciting and easy compared to any other channel. Various studies show that if the waiting time is less than two minutes, customers are four times more likely to buy again.

In addition to delivery, product return is also possible and easier than any, also through the personal cell intelligent management system. After communication and confirmation by the merchant, the goods can be easily returned and the money returned to the customer’s specified account.

All this convenience significantly increases sales, along with loyalty, customer satisfaction and experience. Over 60% make a second purchase after using a parcel terminal, so BOPIL is on top right now. 

Using the power of BOPIL with artificial intelligence,

BOPIL has many hidden weapons. See what the possibilities are with the help of smart lockers. Retailers of bricks and mortar can:

    • Additional rewards – the very word “reward” always creates a pleasant feeling in the customer and stimulates him to make a purchase. For example, the creation of a game or competition to win a certain type of prize (voucher for the purchase of a certain value, a specific product, etc.).
    • Personalized party – every customer likes to feel unique and special. When a trader shows such an attitude, it is much easier and faster to receive dividends in return. Coupons are something familiar in sales, but a personal coupon (addressed to the customer by name) has an even more powerful impact on him. Thanks to the ability to track merchants of past purchases, you can also offer a similar offer to your target customer.
    • Free samples of certain products – at first glance, many retailers consider it unnecessary to invest in some small packages, because customers simply throw a sample in the closet. In practice, however, this is not the case. With a milking trick you can make sales of this product, because the user is extremely satisfied with its use. Free testing of any product is conducive to increasing future sales. 

People are becoming more pretentious to goods and especially to traders, as well as to the conditions they offer. Everyone is looking for maximum automation, online shopping is easier, saves time and effort in finding the desired product. Therefore, the entire supply chain needs to become lighter in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. By investing in smart delivery cabinets, you will certainly fulfill more conditions of your customers, so do not hesitate. 

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