Could Parcel Lockers Increase Your Customers’ Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the factor that will bring them back to shopping from you. Because online commerce is virtual, retailers need to take even more care of their customers. In view of this, parcel terminals are a great advantage over your competitors, and customers are fascinated by the amenities they receive. 


What are parcel lockers?

Parcel lockers are high technology implemented to help e-commerce, and more specifically in the delivery of packages to the last mile. As online shopping increases, customer expectations also rise. Retailers need to respond clearly and distinctly in order to continue to grow rapidly and generate big profits. 

And now more importantly: automatic parcel terminals are the best option for delivering packages without the need for personal delivery, visiting courier offices or delivery to the porch, etc. They facilitate the whole delivery process, and above all save a lot of operating costs. On the other hand, they ensure the reliability of the shipment until it is picked up by its recipient. 

By implementing this system, the customer experience is at a higher level and this is highly valued. 

Here’s how package lockers work in a few easy steps.

Regarding the receivable, here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: The goods ordered online are delivered by courier to a specific box specified by the recipient (choose the most convenient address for him).
  • Step 2: Immediately after that, the recipient receives a notification that he can pick up his shipment (in the form of email or SMS).
  • Step 3: The recipient visits the terminal and enters his / her PIN code on the cabinet once.
  • Step 4: Open the lockers and pick up the package.

Returning the goods is easy and fast again as follows:

  • Step 1: The consignee places the return label on the package.
  • Step 2: Scan the label in the locker.
  • Step 3: Open the cell door and place the package in it.

Can parcel lockers increase your customer satisfaction?

The answer to the question: “Can parcel lockers increase customer satisfaction” is YES. If you are wondering how, they actually contribute to this through their many benefits.

See who they are

  • Option to pick up and send packages 24/7 – this is a convenience that could be compared to the standard delivery, in which the delivery takes place in person (whether at the door, in the office or by courier office).
  • Very convenient and easy management of the terminal – with the ability to receive personal code by email or via SMS to open the cell.
  • High protection of shipments, which minimizes losses or theft of packages.
  • Full transparency of the delivery process – there is an option to track and give full reporting at any time. A log is kept of sending and receiving the package from the cell.
  • Electronic management that does not require finding the customer, signing signatures for transmission, etc. – Everything happens on self-service and it is very easy and fast. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to pick up or send packages.
  • All kinds of configurations are possible – another advantage is that the parcel terminals can be fully adapted to the needs of consumption. Dimensions range from 3.5 X 24 inches for a small cabinet to 29 X 24 inches.
  • Various features can be added – many features are possible, such as a video surveillance camera, touch screen, barcode readers and error detection. There is also an alarm, printing of receipts, labels, as well as a module for payment of goods at the terminal.
  • Building managers significantly reduce their work and the problems with lost or missed packages – the packages increase many times with each passing year. With parcel terminals, much of the work process will be shortened, and building managers could focus on other, more important activities. University and campus managers also face the same challenge and the problem can be solved by installing automatic management systems. 
  • Last but not least, many labor costs are reduced with less resources of the company (in the process of management, distribution and parcel collection).

From all that has been said so far, you can probably conclude that these benefits lead to happier online shopping for customers. They feel good and would continue to fill their shopping baskets with all kinds of products, even essentials. 



If you are still hesitant to invest in parcel terminals, this would be the best solution for your business. The intelligent system is easy to manage, cost-effective and can win many positives for your business. There is no organization that is dissatisfied, on the contrary. It takes a very short time to notice how customer satisfaction increases while ensuring the security of the shipment. 

Parcel Hive is a parcel terminal company that can make custom cages for you. Trust us! We aim to improve the service and experience of your customers.

Parcel Hive
Why we are called Parcel Hive – Our goal is to make the movement of Parcels around the local communities, countries and world seamless. Our systems and Terminals give the chance of high automation and communication over distance with Single or Multiple core. This is how we envision to keep up with the changing world. Parcel Hive is company that designs and produces high quality, efficient and appealing Automated Parcel Terminals. We cover the full spectrum from A to Z – from The concept to production, Software, Logistical Deployment, Services for Installation, 24/7 Maintenance and support.

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