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It gives you flexibility to innovate. To be different and to service your customer as never before. One of our key advantages is the unique software solution we provide with our lockers and delivery systems. It runs on all devices and gives flexibility without any borders.

Cyber Hive is a unique software solution. It works and runs on all machines.
It can operate a large number of lockers and allows addition of order screens & printers, kitchen terminals & screens, phone app & desktop site

And anything else you may need!


Cyber Hive will give you total control of your machines. Stats, Usage, & maximising efficiency tools.


Cyber Hive will give access to your machines from everywhere- phone or any touch device.


Turn every display in your fleet as a great stream of revenue. Cyber hive gives many advertisement options.

Here are some of the key aspects you have access to with CyberHive

  • Everything is stored in a secured cloud account
  • All data is encrypted and visible only for you
  • Comprehensive statistics about usage and efficiency of boxes
  • Remote opening of a locker from distance by support team
  • Comprehensive connection with back up line monitoring and integration with external systems
  • Ability for own wallet integration
  • Ability for advertising based on demographics
  • Ability to up-sale at any time
  • Manage payments and save from commissions
  • Modular system that gives options to add new modules for every new project

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