Automated Parcel Terminals – the Best Solution for Any E-Commerce

E-business is closely linked to the logistics process to the end customer. It takes a very good and professional organization to complete every step without mistakes and on time. That inevitably leads to the need of optimization of all processes. 

Any online merchant can take advantage of the delivery option to automated parcel terminals. We can assist you by offering secure cells from which your customers can receive the goods at any time – 24/7. This will give you an added advantage that many would benefit from. 

Your orders volume will increase drastically, because convenient delivery is important. Our cells are suitable for all kinds of goods – food and drinks, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, documents, valuables and more. There is virtually no limitations – distribution and delivery of parcels is extremely fast.

How our parcel management system works

The client makes an order

The items are put in the locker

The Client authenticates and pays at the locker or via our Cyber Hive App

Items are collected

What are Automated Parcel Terminals for and how do they help online businesses?

Looking for a way to deliver your goods to end customers faster and more reliably? Are you looking for streamlining the delivery process and reducing costs? We can offer you a great alternative to the cumbersome delivery process  – Automated Parcel Terminals. 

The online business and all participants in it are very interested in this type of parcel receiving system, so if you are in this group, be aware of its exceptional benefits. We guarantee fast, accurate and reliable arrival of goods to the cells. They are also equipped with CCTV cameras to protect against theft and vandalism. 

Our automated terminal machines are a real technological revolution. The future is focused on simplifying every process, so be sure to get involved in improving your service.  

Our convenient terminals are manufactured in order to find an application for any online delivery. Are you looking for a similar tool for your business? Our team will show you how the terminals will benefit you. With us you will find what you need – a reliable partner for better positions in online sales. 


Why ParcelHive?

Full spectrum coverage around the world

Parcel Hive provides excellent equipment and great aftersales services around the world with vast presence in Europe, Middle East, America and Central Asia. Some of the services include transportation, installation, maintenance and 24/7 support.

Cyber Hive – Ultimate Software Solution

Best software on the market that allows the most intuitive and smoothest experience in any case scenario. Brilliant reporting and support features! Automatic distant software without the need of people on – site!

Custom-Tailored Solutions

No two customers are the same and this is the reason why Parcel Hive designs, specific sizes and tailored services for each individual customer and their needs.

Our Parcel Lockers


ParcelHive lockers are functional, easy to install and offer high-quality and user-friendly management software. Our specialists are here to help you make the right choice of parcel locker in a quick and easy way and with respect to your building’s needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask your questions. We are here to provide parcel locker solutions for every kind of use-cases from city and indoor to food and many more.

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