How Does a Parcel Locker Work?

What are people looking for? What we are becoming – more and more antisocial, busy people who are looking for a number of amenities. There are many daily mandatory activities that take up a lot of free time, some of which we can not miss, but others we can save. For example, the trip to and from work is impossible to avoid, but we can reduce physical shopping. 

Today, everyone has the advantage of shopping online at any time of the day, after which they can receive their shipment from a parcel terminal, which means that it is also not tied to working hours. These automatic service systems are a great solution when you want to receive your parcel late after work, or early, before the courier offices are open. 

Can you imagine not having to be physically at home or at another specified address to receive your delivery. Or maybe you already practice this way? See how the parcel terminals work and see if they will save you a number of headaches!

Why choose to use parcel delivery terminals?

The advantages of parcel terminals are many – the use of a locker is extremely easy, understandable by everyone, with a high degree of security. Access to the lockers is limited, although a number of terminals are located outside. Only couriers and users can open the cell with a secret identification code. This is extremely valuable information that everyone should know, because the shipment is in a safe place until it is received. 

It can stay for several days, but you should know that there is a certain period after which the shipment is returned to the supplier. This is a standard policy, similar to delivery to a courier office. The automated delivery means is a way for many customers to receive their packages to the nearest selected point of them, which makes it as easy as possible for them. This option encourages many people to make more and more online purchases.

The location of parcel terminals is increasing every year, worldwide, in response to people’s needs. It saves time, costs for merchants and customers, no need to organize the day to have someone at the address, etc. The biggest worries came from security, but over time, users have come to trust the parcel terminals because they see for themselves the control and precise access to the respective cell. 

Both the courier and the customer can access it by going through a scanner with an individual barcode and a touch screen interface. The automatic system is extremely intuitive and smart, recognizes with the sensor that the package has been placed and informs the recipient via email, message (SMS) or push notification. The most innovative technologies have a phone application that can be installed by any customer to track the shipment, receive notifications, etc. Once the availability of the shipment is the specified locker, the user can pick up his package, only through the necessary identification, 24/7. 

Parcel cabinets can be designed in different sizes and placed in different locations – outside, in lobbies, in retail outlets, etc. They are suitable for serving passers-by, office buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, etc. 

After many became acquainted with the advantages of parcel terminals, they might use them more often. If you are still interested in exactly how to work with them, let’s look at this topic. 

Steps for working with parcel terminals

There are many models of terminals, with different sizes, temperature regimes, etc., but they all have approximately the same technology and work process. The method of operation is simple so as not to hinder any customer or use the machine. Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly thinking in this direction, constantly adding some innovations. 

See how the parcel cabinets work step by step:

Before that, however, it is good to know that you need to register in the terminal system, to “surf the Internet” to find the right products. After selecting them and placing them in the basket, select the delivery option to the parcel terminal and make sure you have chosen the right one. 

Step 1: Placing the parcels from the courier in a personal cage

In order for a courier to have access to a cage, he must be part of the registered couriers who perform this activity. After a thorough inspection, the courier also has secret access to the terminals. Its permission is limited in order to avoid unpleasant situations – theft, loss and others. 

The first step in working with the terminal involves placing the parcels in the locker. The courier has the task to scan the parcels through the available barcode on it, then enters the recipient’s data through the available touchpad of the machine, as well as the size of the parcels. After this identification, a suitable cell opens automatically. 

Once concluded, the recipient is notified that the parcel has been received.

Step 2: The delivery of parcels is monitored and registered

The terminal system is automatic, which saves a lot of manual labor. The technology is decent – there are built-in video surveillance cameras and a scanner. All information near the terminal is stored on an industrial computer. 

When the courier is on site to place the shipment, screenshots are taken in the system showing his actions. The terminal interacts with the touchpad, and then everything is uploaded to a free cloud space. 

Step 3: Sensor that confirms the delivery

Each cabinet has a built-in sensor that detects the emptiness or occupancy of the cells. In this way, the identification of the placement of the package becomes very easy. At the moment of recognizing the presence of the package in a cell and reverse locking, the delivery should be confirmed. This is a type of preventive measure against incorrect couriers who may claim that the parcel has not been delivered or has been delivered incorrectly. 

Step 4: Notification of the recipient

Notification of the recipient is mandatory and is in fact a great convenience for him. Instead of sitting in ignorance, he will receive an immediate notification via the terminal application, via SMS or email. This means that the courier has placed the ordered goods in a personal locker and the shipment is waiting for its recipient. A unique QR code is generated with the connection between the delivered parcel and the notification.

Step 5. Secure storage of the package 24/7

There are some places where they could give you the opportunity to receive the package within 48 hours. Most terminals provide access 24/7. Usually the consumer has the right to pick up his shipment from the moment of notification that it is already there, until about 7-10 days after that. If no opening and collection is reported in the system, then the goods will be returned to the supplier. 

Step 6: Collecting the parcels 

what is a parcel lockerCollecting the parcels from the cage should be done by the person who placed the order. There is also an option to receive from another person, but for security reasons, the procedure is a bit more complicated. 

To collect the parcels from the cage, the recipient should scan the QR code at the designated place or enter the manually provided access code (received in the email notification or as a message). This process is extremely quick and easy and is done through the touch screen of the machine. As soon as the reader recognizes the code, the locker opens automatically. 

If there is payment, it can be done on the spot with a credit or debit card. If not, the user must precisely close the locker, which is a notification that the transaction has been completed successfully.

Parcel terminals are a reliable, safe and very cost-effective way to deliver various types of goods. The user has the task only to make an online purchase and to indicate the nearest or most convenient terminal to pick up the package from there. The rest of the process is well organized, quite automated and efficient. Delivery to a locker, not to a courier office or address, is cheaper, faster and less time consuming for the recipient. 

People tend to shop more if there are provide many amenities. The customer becomes more and more pretentious over time, but his needs and purchases increase, which means the development of online commerce. 

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