How Parcel Lockers Are Redefining Shopping And Logistics

Online search, shopping and home delivery have become a very high level of comprehensive service. Thousands of small and large packages are sent daily by retailers, regardless of the type of product. Online business is booming – food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, drugstores and more. Improving overall service has had a good impact on logistics. It works effectively when delivered to the last mile. The parcel terminals have contributed fully in this aspect. 

How do parcel lockers redefine shopping and logistics?

Parcel lockers enable online business to grow and improve by offering fast, secure and free delivery. Logistics is easier, which leads to more profits and fewer mistakes. 

What is last mile delivery and how does it relate?

Delivery to the last mile is a key moment in logistics. It is the last part of the whole supply chain. The receipt of the package from the recipient follows. Even today, although with more broken thinking, some still ignore or do not fully understand the concept of the last mile. Although this moment may represent the whole of the total delivery price.

If you are still wondering what the main purpose of this procedure is, the essence is in the fastest possible receipt of the products by the recipient. Thanks to high technology, and especially automatic lockers, delivery to the last I think is booming. 

This last step in the supply chain is transparent to customers, which at the same time leads to a better user experience. Satisfaction is visible and is reflected in the higher percentage of online sales. Parcel terminals are the key to saving costs for the sender, as well as increasing the loyalty of all current and future customers.

Last mile – a factor for customer experience

More and more consumers say that they feel more pleasure when they receive the shipment to their home – on the door or porch. Sometimes, however, this delivery is a big challenge for the sender, because there are a number of products that may be volatile or need a suitable storage temperature. In order to avoid unpleasant situations for both parties in one transaction, the safest solution is to use a parcel terminal. 

They can be designed with cells of different sizes, but also with a certain temperature regime – for goods that require maintenance of their heat, for cooling, freezing, etc. There are also the so-called postal parcel terminals, which can be installed in front of the home of anyone who pays for this service. Many communities and businesses rely on this innovation to reduce theft, package loss, and spoilage of some products. 

We cannot ignore the fact that after COVID-19, many land and water transport companies had to significantly change some delivery operations to the last mile. They looked for efficiency, which they found in the parcel terminals. With their help and the use of data loggers, freight forwarders and carriers have built up higher reliability of delivery. They also increased their positions and trust in the market.  

How do parcel cabinets become an essential element of convenience?

Convenience is part of a good offer, and when we operate only online and have no personal contact with the customer, this factor is crucial. The truth is that online commerce faces great challenges. For example, when the recipient cannot control the delivery time and the point of receipt. Then the effect that every trader is looking for is difficult, namely quality and satisfactory service. 

Smart lockers can handle this problem. Suppliers offer a good solution for all types of goods. The convenience for the customer comes from the fact that, in the first place, you do not have to visit courier offices and wait in lines, and receive free delivery. Receipt is secret after receiving a personal code. All this facilitates shopping, and the consumer appreciates it.

Logistics must be included in the delivery strategy to the last mile. In this way, the sender ensures transparency of the order. All companies involved in the supply chain must cooperate with each other. Clients are common and everyone should take good care of them. Each order goes through several participants – manufacturer, shipper, carrier, recipient. That is why a successful operating company must cooperate with the right people and technologies.

Parcel Hive is a long-standing supplier of parcel terminals that can help you improve the logistics and online shopping of your customers. Contact us if you need such a service. We offer flexible conditions and schemes for payment, service and personal production regarding the size of the cells, their temperature regime and design. We are available and we want to be your partners. 

How do parcel cabinets offer a high quality guarantee?

Although self-service, the parcel terminals are highly secure, which ensures the security of the packages while you pick them up from your cage. However, it is possible that a problem may arise, and it happens in the best logistics process. In case any problem with the technology is found, they have video surveillance and are very difficult to break, so only technicians from the supplier company can come and fix the problem. 

Having a packet logger is also part of the tracking process that lockers allow. This allows each customer to report a problem, although it is usually fixed much faster. 

Bicycle lockers are reorienting shopping visions, and logistics have improved many times over. The truth is that over 70% of people now prefer to shop online, especially with the option to return products or exchange. Consumer experience and demand are what contribute to improving the entire logistics chain. E-commerce moves forward after satisfying the consumer and meeting his expectations. 

Parcel Hive
Why we are called Parcel Hive – Our goal is to make the movement of Parcels around the local communities, countries and world seamless. Our systems and Terminals give the chance of high automation and communication over distance with Single or Multiple core. This is how we envision to keep up with the changing world. Parcel Hive is company that designs and produces high quality, efficient and appealing Automated Parcel Terminals. We cover the full spectrum from A to Z – from The concept to production, Software, Logistical Deployment, Services for Installation, 24/7 Maintenance and support.

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