How Smart Lockers Meet the Demands of a Post-Pandemic World? Parcel Management Keys to Success in 2021

Online shopping is what saves many residents from getting the products they need when everything else is closed. Advanced technologies even offer delivery of food and groceries to the desired address, which means that the problem of going out can be eliminated. But what about deliveries? 

Are they well organized? Are there any difficulties? Management with the help of parcel terminals is the best tool in this direction.

Online sales lead to problems with package management

Online sales are constantly growing, and for the past year and this year they have broken the full record. We live in a post-pandemic world where we have to deal with this problem. Estimates show that by 2023, sales will reach almost $ 80 billion. Package delivery has reached an unprecedented 2.4 million packages delivered in one day during the 2020-2021 holiday season here.

A package awaiting smart lockers for rescue packages

As property managers, this means that now is the best time to invest in an integrated parcel management system. This will make it possible to track packages in the easiest way. Thefts will be significantly reduced, employee productivity will increase, you will be able to attract new tenants or buyers, and resident satisfaction is guaranteed.  

With one easy and fast installation of parcel terminals with intelligent locking, you can achieve good results on all presented points:

Full transparency and traceability of the package

By installing such terminals you will significantly streamline the process of distribution and transmission of packages. You will even be able to fire the employee who was involved in this activity.

Different parcel lockers are available, with different temperature regimes, so it is possible to store any shipments. In addition, they provide full transparency for the user, as he can see the status of the order, and upon delivery to the locker he receives a notification by phone or email.

Fewer package thefts have been

detected. Thieves and bandits like to misappropriate packages from people’s verandas, but thanks to the self-service secret terminals, things have changed. While approximately 33% of people said they had once been the victim of such thefts, the percentage is now much lower.

The receiving organization is much safer and more secure for the recipient. The opening of the cell is possible only through a personal code or barcode generated in the mobile application, after receiving a notification by email, phone or through the mobile application. 

Safety and comfort

Our homes, in a global pandemic for which no one can give a definite answer when it will end, have become a universal place. We eat, work, study and train in the same space. Of course, these are measures that reassure many people because they feel protected. 

However, people are looking for new amenities. They want to improve their lives for maximum safety. Smart lockers are an advantage that everyone tolerates. Thanks to them, shipments are delivered more safely and are also self-service. This means that you can order the products you need by picking them up at a time convenient for you in front of your home, without contact with a courier.

Many communities themselves express their desire to install such terminals in or in front of the block space, whether they are tenants or have their own home. This is completely normal, no one wants to wait in line for his turn in the courier office, to talk to employees, etc.

The parcel terminals provide complete social distance, but also great convenience for receiving shipments.

Constant attraction, satisfaction and retention of customers and residents

Taking into account the events of last year, living conditions have changed many times. From being free to do whatever we wanted, we had to stay closed and stressed because of the virus. Social distance has posed many challenges to a number of businesses, but there is a solution to everything.

Businesses and communities that have invested in smart terminals have been very successful. Customers report these efforts. The conveniences and safety provided by parcel terminals have led to attracting, satisfying and retaining customers and residents in a community. People are much more inclined to shop because they know that they can get their parcels easily, conveniently and respecting social distance. Thus, businesses managed to stay in the market and not go bankrupt because they have orders.

Increases employee productivity and improved community service

One very important but often overlooked advantage for systems is increased employee productivity. The time savings are huge – up to about 24 hours a week. Eliminates the moment with many new shipments that are stored. Searching for them afterwards takes a long time. 

With individual cells, deliveries arrive and are stored at the request of the user, and the process is fully automated. At the same time, each employee has the time and energy to better serve the customers of the store. 

The workers share that the facilitation is manifold, as well as the satisfaction of each customer. 

Smart lockers meet the requirements of this post-pandemic world very adequately. They can make life much easier for everyone, including service personnel. On the other hand, people are calm that they are distant and have the opportunity to open their personal cell whenever they want.

Parcel Hive
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