How to get a parcel locker?

Technological solutions and quality service are key points in providing an automatic parcel receiving and shipment service. It is important to offer security, speed and convenience to every customer. Therefore, choose a reliable vendor for parcel terminal installation and maintenance. If you have made the final decision to implement such a system, then you should go to the next stage – choosing the most appropriate lockers.

There are probably many questions about terminal work, pricing, maintenance and other important things about getting and installing, but you will get them when researching and communicating with the suppliers you have settled on. Below you will find out if it is suitable for your business, what are the steps of purchasing, installation and setup, whether you will receive training and other exciting facts about automated parcel terminals.

Which business are parcel terminals suitable for?

There is no business that would not be able to reap the great benefits of parcel terminals. Due to the ability to install different modules and cabinet sizes, as well as a special storage mode, the terminals are highly sought after by consumers. Most importantly, however, parcel terminals serve online retails or at least smaller volumes of packages. It is clear that the wholesale trade involves large quantities of products.

Wheeled terminals are a great solution in the following cases:

  • getting and sending clothes and shoes – they are relatively lightweight and do not require a specific storage mode. They can stay up to 7 days (because then they return to the provider again if they are not picked up).
  • postal items and documents – there are great compact terminals used for secret mailboxes to make it easier for users to visit a post office. This means that many service providers could benefit from contracting by mail, which also saves time on.
  • household products – a number of online sites offer everything you need for everyday life without having to go around different shops to search for different products. Collegiate terminals are a great option for receiving a single shipment of essentials.
  • food supplies – they can be both packaged and foods that require a certain storage mode (freshness, freezing, heating) until they are received by the consumer . Through a variety of cabinets, you can even order foods that will retain their good appearance.
  • cosmetics – they are among the commonly bought goods, and the online abundance is greater and the information you can also get. Consumers shop this way because they get fast delivery for a low price.
  • auto parts or other spare parts, small appliances and more
  • medicines, other medical supplies, and other

Parcel terminals are what the online business, logistics industries and courier companies needed. Certainly, there is tremendous ease of work because there are optimization and automation of a number of processes, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

What are the steps for purchasing, installing, and setting up a terminal?

Starting a good parcel terminal operation requires that you select and purchase it from a specific vendor, then install and configure it for use.

Buying steps

Buying a terminal is no different than any other product. It is a standard process that goes through several main steps:

  • Selecting Multiple Vendors – Research is required to decide on three options.
  • Asking for a specific offer to the selected suppliers.
  • Specifying all customer requirements – terminal composition (number of modules, sizes and type of lockers), location and other important factors for determining the final price.
  • Contract – for terminal purchase, installation, maintenance and more. Each client is treated individually in order to achieve maximum satisfaction.
  • After-sales relationships – sometimes you have remote management, repair parts and other additions that occur after the placement and installation of terminal.

What specialists are involved?

The persons working in the companies offering the introduction of automatic terminals are mainly IT specialists, software engineers. They are the key to satisfactory results and the development of current technologies. Achieving such an innovative design, the possibility of various modifications and a special storage mode require great precision and high competence. Of course, last but not least is the safety and ease of operation of the machine.

As the technology alone would not do well, there is also a complete team to build an efficient customer service chain. Behind each frame lies a specific skill for selling and offering the service, for accurate customer service, for evaluating profitability for the business, etc. However, the terminals are designed with the end user in mind and their needs for sending and receiving parcels through self-service. The service needs to be as good as it is when staff are available.

In a word, all specialists are working on the creation, modification of cabinets, the change of technology in time to the improvement of a complex system, which must be designed to be used by users and suppliers without difficulty and without problems.

Integration and Technology

Any logistic, online retailer could take advantage of the enormous benefits of parcel terminals. They give a bigger start compared to offering only the traditional way of delivery. Consumers tend to buy more if they know they have the option of receiving the package from the various parcels located in convenient locations.

The positive is also that integration can be done according to the individual needs of each business. The automated system is not one, but it offers many choices – from the design, the total size and size of each locker to the storage mode of the goods. The technology is so advanced in this area that you can literally take advantage of the storage of any product – fresh foods, hot foods, frozen or refrigerated products, flowers, cosmetics, medicines, etc.

The cabinets are used in every field of activity, as it became clear. For the sake of clarity, they can be integrated according to their main application. There are several different types:

  • Indoor Parcel Locker – these indoor cabinets usually do not have any special storage mode, but ordinary cells located in the lobby and other enclosed spaces in larger buildings and commercial premises. They make a huge contribution to consumers because they can get their goods after shopping at a mall or a large grocery store.
  • Outdoor Parcel Locker – they are made of special materials that withstand the various external conditions – snow, rain, wind, as they are placed outdoors. They can come with a variety of large.
  • Fresh Locker – it goes without saying that these are lockers designed to keep products fresh. They are used for food and other fast-moving goods that need to store their good looking.
  • Refrigerated Locker – this type of cabinets are so-called. refrigerators that aim to maintain a certain temperature that cool shipments
  • Frozen Locker- these are deep freezer cabinets that are mostly used for frozen foods – frozen vegetables, meats, etc.).
  • Food warmer Locker – have a heating system, opposite of cooling and freezing tables.
  • Phone charging station – these terminals are the revolution in technology and o Aqua are highly developed in the future.

All these options are great options to choose from, but they have something similar, namely technology (except those who differ with special temperature storage conditions of the goods).

They have:

  • Self-service system, which in most cases is 24/7 (except those indoors)
  • CCTV for high protection
  • Instructions for easy control and convenient touch screen
  • Notification system for received shipment, accessed with a chip, secret code, etc.
  • Remote control in the presence of some minor malfunction

Is training available and at what cost?

Any company can prepare you an offer for any additional services you need. Usually, after installation, the experts will show you how the machine works and how to handle some minor malfunctions. The positive is that we can also act remotely to assist you in operating the machine. More training is unlikely to be required as the system is extremely easy to operate and self-service. You may consult your supplier for any additional support.

Here’s how one customer service (which is actually self-service) goes. Most importantly, the terminals can be used at any time!

First, the courier delivers the shipment to the appropriate locker. The user is then notified that there is a shipment. The locker is only opened by a secret code that is entered on the door. It is sent via email or SMS.

Once the correct code is entered, then the locker will open and the parcel can be picked up. Before that, the language must be selected and the option “Receive parcel” should be pressed. Identification with an ID card may be required if the

User is entitled to receive the shipment within seven days. Otherwise, it will be returned to the sender. There is an option for “cash on delivery”, so payment can also be made very easily at the credit or debit card terminal.

The last step involves the user closing the door and confirming receipt of the package. This is done by pressing the Confirm button, which appears on the touch screen. In the case of payment at the terminal, the user can print a receipt if he wishes

Parcel Hive
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  • Chaouch Rami

    I am chaouch rami the manager of the Tunisian logistics company and specialized in transporting local parcels in Tunis as well as dry cleaning clothes and we also have the winclean company specializing in cleaning clothes,

    I have been looking for a lot of all the main players in lockers to cooperate with them! knowing that we are looking for a supplier of solution such as Winnsen and others who require the purchase in whole pack its not suitable for me on everything that I will start with a room which will be accessible 24/24 7/7 as I will aimed at all customers, even the most demanding such as those looking for the refrigerated locker (for perishable packages),

    I demand:
    1- integration of cash and card payment in the locker
    2- the electrical installation and the manufacture of the locker I do it myself,
    for everything else I see that you are able to do your best to provide the necessary solution to my company,
    I really want to realize my DREAM with you !
    I guarantee you that after 5 years we will set up min 500 local all over the country we will be the first not only in Tunisia but all over the Maghreb country !

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