E-Bikes – Lockers For E-mobility

LOCKEM is the UK’s first smart e-mobility storage and charging solution for e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cargos designed to get our great nation moving again.

Our innovative solution provides easy to access and secure storage for our e-bike community, significantly improving last mile options, reducing carbon emissions and improving our nation’s air quality.

Launching in Spring 2021

What are E-Bikes?


LOCKEM, manufactures automated e-lockers with charging for e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-scooters. Our goal is to encourage the private use of e-mobility transport. By providing accessible, smart lockers with charging at destination points.


By placing our e-lockers in high footfall destinations we plan to build a network of e-parking sites to encourage e-mobility transport.


Our app-based system will allow users to search for availability and book online in advance or in person.


We believe this will help increase user confidence and reduce stress and anxiety that currently exist around e-bike parking. Resulting in getting more people out of their cars and using e-mobility devices as their main form of transportation.


By providing sustainable and inclusive mobility, informed by cutting edge green technology, LOCKEM hopes to assist the uptake of e-mobility transport.

EMCL: e-mobility combo locker

CECL: Commercial e-cargo locker

FECSL: Family e-cargo and e-scooter/ folding e-bike locker

EBSL: e-bike and e-scooter/ folding e-bike locker

Market size and why there is a need?


– E-bikes are predicted to grow from 3.7 million bikes sold in 2019 to 17 million in 2030 (Forbes).

– 88% increase in electric bike sales (BBC May 2020).


– The e-bike market in 2020 is already up by 23% year on year and, on the current trajectory, there will be 10 million e-bikes sold per year as early as 2024 (Forbes).


– By 2030, the Experts Group envisages annual sales of 1 million cargo bikes for commercial deliveries and a further 1 million annual sales of family cargo bikes.


– In 2019, the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimated 296,000 cases of theft.  This equates to more than one every 2 minutes.


The Government is currently investing Billions into cycling infrastructure projects. There are also plans for an e-bike subsidy scheme to start this Spring, as part of their cleaner air and emission reduction target for 2030.
However, there exists no suitable storage infrastructure, specifically for users who are planning to invest in, or have already invested in, e-mobility transport for commuting, business or social activities. The lack of secure parking with charging options is preventing change on the ground.

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