Outdoor Parcel Locker


Parcel and package delivery terminals controlled by intelligent software and connected to the Internet,which enable secure goods delivery even if the sender and recipient are not present at the same time.

This syestem is based on modular,non-refrigerated or refrigerated lockers and can be customised extensively to suit particular needs.

An ergonomically-designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients specified by the sender can access the stored goods.

24/7 Smart Terminals are predestined for boomimg online commerce. With a  24/7 Smart Terminal, a delivery can even be made when the customers are not at home.

They-and only they-can access the shipments around the clock: inconveniently situated places along their route to work, typically at train stations or cantral locationsin their neighbourhood. Other popular applications are the supply of sapre parts for service technicians and companies, something that is usually done at night, and the transfer of confidential documents at medium-sized and large companies.


Customers place order by mobile phone or PC end.


The merchant receives the information and prepare the goods. After the courier delivers the goods, the picking code will be sent to the customer.


The customers take the packages by the pick-up code.

Online shopping has grown dramatically in recent years, necessitating further improvements to the overall transportation and delivery service. Everyone expects to receive their goods in perfect condition and as soon as possible. To this end, our teams of engineers are also developing the best solution – indoor parcels. This step is always worth it – for both home and office, and many other larger-sized rooms.

The presence of locker systems is a great convenience for every user. Improves service while building trust in the eyes of your customers. This gives you a significant advantage over competitive niches that you could be proud of.

Advantages of Indoor Parcel Locker
Personal solution for any home, office, commercial premises, hospital, university, etc.
Suitable for all retail goods and service in all markets that face the challenges of package delivery
Increases the competitiveness of many retail outlets – many customers would prefer to shop at a particular location if they then have
a shipment. facilitates a person’s life, since online shopping is well developed today
Awaiting delivery
cost savings delivery
High security and protection level of packages
Receiving packages in different size – lockers vary in size to meet the requirements of each customer
Easy Management – Simplified way to use, accessible and understandable by anyone. Additional convenience in managing deliveries through a mobile application
Business support – an opportunity to increase the quality of service and save some costs

They can be located in multiple locations where they are expected to be used most often. That is why they are becoming more and more common in retail outlets, universities, hospitals, multi-family housing cooperatives, etc.

This is a great opportunity to receive a shipment at any time, by the way – until a task is completed, after shopping. Every recipient’s convenience – you don’t have to chase business hours to get your goods by courier, you don’t have to pay expensive for deliveries to an address. Traders save on a number of manual processes, which also reduces some operating costs. Our remarkable designs are recognizable and suitable for many markets operating in the online space.

Features of Indoor Parcel Locker Parcel
Highly trusted locking system
Security – the presence of a built-in camera that monitors every step (delivery to cabinets and picking up the consignment from the recipient)
Infrared scanner, detecting packages and items in every cabinet – smart and automated workflow
Speed ​​- barcode capture enables fast delivery of all packages
Collecting shipments from all couriers and ensuring 100% delivery in cabinets
Advances in technology with extremely easy management mobile application
flexible service – cabinets come in a variety of sizes, accommodating small and large packagescare
Personalization – wefor aesthetics and individuality, so we offer color and design choices The convenience and low cost of all online shopping participants is ours main goal. We maintain a large range of parcel terminals to meet all our customers’ needs. That is why we offer high-grade materials, a variety of coating coatings, appearance and branding.


WE offer Unique opportunity to customize our lockers as per your request. All sizes possible. Modular – could fit different spaces. Your Specific model includes only hot storage lockers, but:

Is available also with three options for storage:

Ambient Storage (room temperature)
Chilled Storage (2 – 6 C)
reezer Storage (-24 -18 C)

Main Function Main Technical Parameters
1.Touch screen display Appearance Description: Use 1.2mm cold rolled steel,outdoor typer,with shelter;fixed to ground
2.Emergency door opening Side Locker Standard:20door,2rows
3.Internet connection Main Locker Standerd:Side opening doors;Industrail controller
4.Syestem management Operating Voltage:AC220V+  15%(50Hz)
5.Item detection supportive Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
6.Voice guide supportive Operating Humidity:10%RH~90%RH
7.Metal keypad Power Consumption Parameters:Standby:<15W   Maximum<75W
8.Picture capture and video recording supportive Single Main Locker Dimensions: 520x550x1900mm
9.Barcode scanner Single Side Locker Dimensions: 867x550x1900mm
10.RFID reader supportive

11.Paper printing supportive

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