Refrigerated Locker


Locker body use foam technique to protect the box with good insulation properties. According to whether it has refrigeration function, it is subdivided into normal temperature locker, refrigerator and freezer;

The refrigerate locker comes with refrigeration function, computer temperature control and frequency conversion technology. It is quiet and energy saving ;

Multi-temperature zone control, storing fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, fresh and other daily necessities.


Device Name                                                                                                       Technical Parameters

Type 6  door 8 door 10 door 12 door
Power(AC) 220V
Rated input power 300W
Dementions 390*440*454 390*440*317 390*440*235 390*440*181
Weight(kg) 150 150 150 150
Cooling method Forced air cooling,unit on top
Refrigerant R290 R600a R290 R290
Temperature adjusting range 5 ~25 1 ~6 -20℃~ -17 1 ~6
Temperature adjusting accuracy 1
Box temperature difference  ≤3
Protection features Delayed start
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