What is a Fulfillment Center?

Implementation centers are an important part of online commerce, in which there are many participants and the possibility of making mistakes is great. Parcel lockers were a necessary step that proved to be extremely effective in online commerce. See what execution centers really are, how they work, and how they can help retailers.

What is an Implementation center?

Before clarifying what an execution center is, it should be noted that the suppliers for the execution of a consignment are in fact third-party logistics providers (3PL). They are, in fact, the people who need execution centers to help online retailers complete the execution of online orders effectively.

Online orders “fall” in the late hours, because then people have the most time to indulge in research and selection of the desired goods. However, night deliveries are a critical moment that retailers struggle to satisfy their customers. The most significant problem is the lack of space to store all inventory in one place.

In response to the improvement of the logistics process, the implementation centers appear. They are differentiated in many different places in the country to serve to reduce delivery times, costs and generally streamline the entire service process. The only condition is to build centers that are in key positions, in terms of transport.

How do delivery centers work?

First, we want to go into detail about the implementation centers. They are not the same thing as distribution centers. In contrast, the process of working in the execution centers goes through the following steps:

  • an online trader leaves his goods in storage, which is waiting to be sent
  • after an order from a customer, the goods should be found
  • are packed
  • are labeled
  • the final step is shipping with a carrier

Performance Centers are a complex organization with a continuous flow of goods.

Each task should be performed strictly, quickly and efficiently for trouble-free management of goods. Such centers can handle the following businesses:

  • B2B – Business for Business. They work with a large volume of product, which is sent to retailers.
  • B2C – the second option is a business for the consumer. The goods are sent directly to the customer without passing through a third party.

Many vendors also work with a third party in logistics called 3PL. This allows them to focus on more important activities and especially on improving the quality of customer service. 3PL are engaged in negotiating prices for delivery, transport, inventory management and more.


The execution centers offer the following services:

  • Finding products
  • Effective grouping of items
  • Providing packaging and delivery boxes
  • Labeling of packages
  • Pallet shipments
  • Receiving inventory
  • Delivery of customer’s orders
  • Inventory management problems
  • Return processing

Each of these activities is key to the problem of finding goods and sending them in full to the end customer. Otherwise, an inefficient process can be one of the easiest ways to lose customers and sink your business. If you want to develop only up and forward, consider the good organization of work and its optimization, including management centers and additional assistants – specialists in logistics and delivery.

How can package cabinets be useful for business?

Online shopping provides that retailers must take care of the convenience of customers. Free shipping is an option that customers like and encourages them to make more frequent purchases. This type is BOPIS – free receipt of goods, but from a physical store. This method is practical, economical and convenient, but you need space to store the parcels.

This is how the intelligent terminal cabinets, which are controlled remotely, enter. The procedure is as follows – users order online through the website, the execution center prepares and sends the shipment to a physical store, and their things are stored in cells until requested by the customer.

Did you know that this is an increasingly common practice and is even preferred by customers?


  • Package shipments are stored securely and cannot be stolen, as often happens when delivering goods to an address.
  • Transport costs are reduced, and hence the delivery price
  • Convenience – the customer receives an email notification of the received shipment
  • Faster delivery
  • Easy and fast collection, by sending a unique code – you just need to scan the device.

Along with a number of benefits for customers, they do not lag behind online retailers. The process is optimized many times, which plays a positive role in terms of:

  • reducing delivery costs and time
  • more efficient implementation
  • improving the transparency of audios and storage of lockers BOPIS
  • visibility in relation to the lists of current orders that are expected to be taken
  • safely stored, well-organized packages that are easy to find


The information provided so far can be very useful to anyone involved in online commerce – intermediaries, retailers, customers, etc. Do not miss the opportunity to provide peace of mind and more customers, which will significantly improve your business. Save costs, time, money and increase customer satisfaction by relying on parcel execution and installation centers.

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