What is a retail locker?

Some of you may be familiar with the function of retail parcel terminals, while others are not. We will now try to be as comprehensive as possible in our explanation to understand the nature and benefits of an automatic parcel system. They have become very popular in recent years and are becoming increasingly popular with retailers. 

What are retail lockers?

Parcel terminals are nothing special. They are different in specific constructions, with installed automatic control system. This type of technology has evolved quite rapidly in recent years because it proves the growing need for them. Provide an opportunity to perform important functions needed by retailers. Although retail is not the only area where they find application. Even large companies like Amazon are taking advantage of electronic parcel lockers. They use the system as successful in the fight against theft and loss of packages. 

Retail cabinets

They are a means of safe storage of products with any temperature regime. They are used for easier and convenient transfer of online orders until they reach the end customer. Generally speaking, they assist retailers. They improve the service, as well as online shopping, making in the store, which is one of the most popular services to receive. 

BOPIS orders

BOPIS requires a physical and online store. The order is made online, indicating a receivable from a physical store in the respective city. Delivery is free in this case. BOPIS orders are growing every year and with good reason.  Every customer would benefit from this free shipping and free return option. The only problem here is the difficult package management. Employees get busy with a lot of activities and sometimes mistakes are made. Therefore, cells can be extremely useful – to automate some of the processes. 

What’s different about the parcel lockers?

Retail cabinets significantly change the way BOPIS is delivered. In a moment we will look at their main advantages. Customers, although accustomed to online shopping and shopping, would always take advantage of the added convenience that parcel terminals offer. 

BOPIS goes through the following process. The customer buys online and indicates that he wants delivery to the store. So you don’t pay anything for delivery, but you have to go to the physical store. The application is then submitted, the package is prepared and sent to the store. The customer receives a notification about the completed order and the received shipment. He goes to the store, waiting to be serviced by an employee. He picks up his products and can continue shopping or leave. 

With the introduction of an additional option – lockers, comes the convenience for each employee. Here the sequence is as follows – receiving and assembling the order, after which the store employee registers the shipment that it is placed in the cabinet. This completes the employee’s work. At this point, the customer receives a notification of the prepared receivable order. Arrives and is serviced independently through the automated system. 

Advantages of retail lockers

Now that we know how retail lockers work, we should point out their main advantages:


Retail cabinets offer more convenience than the standard BOPIS procedure, which aims to improve online shopping and taking orders. At BOPIS there is a real visit to the store, waiting in line for customers who take or return orders, etc. The use of an automatic parcel locker is even more convenient and economical. Any retailer could get involved in this delivery process and make the shopping process more convenient for their customers. Through the parcel lockers, every customer who retails can benefit from efficient and fast shopping. The order arrives quickly and can be received independently, almost at any time. The lockers are easy and intuitive to operate, so it will take you a few seconds. You can pick up your expected order before work, after work, in the evening or at any other time of the day. 

More efficient delivery 

The application of the lockers has a number of advantages and is relatively more efficient than the standard process of free delivery to the store – BOPIS. With the BOPIS delivery method, there is real work on the part of the employees in the respective store. Personal service is required, which means that the customer must comply with the receipt of his order. 

To arrive within the working hours of the store, to wait for the previous customers and to find the products for him. All this is much more complicated and can be much more inefficient than self-management of parcel terminals. It is possible that problems may arise – undelivered or lost delivery, etc.

Smart lockers is an automated service system in which you receive notification of a received shipment. Retail cabinets limit a number of manual processes. They enter the order in the automatic system and then send an automatic message to the recipient. The participants here are the merchant who delivers the package to the courier, the courier who delivers the shipment to the cabinet and the recipient. 


Flexibility is an important element in the operation of lockers. Do not take the system as a container in which your products are thrown. Innovative terminal cells are far more efficient and flexible. 

They can serve almost any retail industry, because there are cells with different modes of operation – ordinary, heating, cooling or with a lower freezing point. This suggests that any retailer can take advantage of improving the way they serve their customers while also providing more economical delivery. Refrigerators are a great option for food, drinks and more. Any industry with the necessary regulated temperature can benefit – floristry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, etc. 


BOPIS orders are increasing significantly as the future is mainly in online commerce. People expect continuous improvement and low delivery costs. This is exactly what BOPIS and the more innovative technology through parcel lockers provide. The fact is that there are a number of challenges that traders go through, but the way they work is becoming more efficient.

One of the biggest is the adaptation of current operations in order to a higher level of customer service.  Users are looking for convenience and higher efficiency, which can be achieved successfully with the installation of parcel terminals. This will also lead to fewer manual processes by employees in clothing, cosmetics, flower shops, etc. 

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