What is a smart terminal?

What is a smart terminal?

The e-commerce industry is the most profitable industry right now, as there has been a real revolution in the way people shop. The volume of goods and the needs of consumers increase with the growing supply in the online space. The quality of the delivery service is also increasing. Prior to that, there were a number of problems in the logistics and transport sector. 

Today they are eliminated, thanks to the positioned accessible smart terminals. They offer a good service solution, ie. the growth of e-supply in urban areas is no longer a problem.

Definition of the technology of the smart terminals

Smart terminals are lockers, next to which there is an easy and convenient possibility for delivery of shipments. They are located in key positions in an urban setting so that customers from different areas can access them without having to travel long distances and waste time going to a specific point. The need for such smart terminals is growing, so their number is increasing. 

Packages are stored securely for a certain period of time in order to provide customers with the opportunity to pick up their goods at the most convenient time for them. Of course, the delivery is not to the home, but the recipient will not have to make much effort, as the chosen terminal should be “at hand” or in the worst case a few minutes from home. 

In order to open lockers and take the belongings inside, customers must register at the terminals by a special code sent by e-mail, by SMS, identification by ID card, etc. The biggest advantage for the recipient is that the lockers are automated and there is almost no need to comply with working hours. Most of them are in the public domain, while others are located in the lobbies of shopping malls, large supermarkets and others, which are also quite open. 

The main people who have access to Smart Lockers technology are customers and couriers. The chain is as usual – the supplier prepares the respective shipment and delivers it to the courier company, and then the respective courier delivers it to the selected terminal by the customer.  

The first steps are performed by the courier companies:

  1. Logging in with the company’s identification data
  2. Obtaining access to the necessary data and addressing the customer information
  3. Selecting a specific locker
  4. Scanning the package
  5. Placing the package in the compartment, locking and confirming delivery

Recipients do the following:

  1. After submission of the order to the supplier, its sending and delivery to the smart terminal by the courier, the recipient should be notified. It can happen in several ways – by email or via SMS on a mobile phone. For this purpose, the client receives a personal code, which will give him access to the terminal cell – it is important not to be lost. It is also important not to forget the date of receipt, because the delivery has an expiration date. The user can pick up his delivery at a time convenient for him by pressing the button “Receive a parcel”from the menu. Then the system requires him to enter the special code that he should have already received.
  2. In case the online delivery is not paid through the platform in the online store, one must choose to make the payment at the terminal. The options are traditional – in cash or by debit / credit card. After paying for the goods, the consumer should receive a note to that effect. It serves as proof of payment for the goods in case something goes wrong.
  3. After this procedure, a box near the postal address will open and the recipient can pick up the available goods. Precise closure of the cell after that is just as important as all the steps so far.

Here it is important to remember one thing correctly, namely that the terminals do not give the right to change. You must follow the instructions on the device, act consistently, and be careful with the data you record. It is also good to have the exact amount if you pay in cash. The process is not easy and you do not need to hurry, as it is self-service and you will not be pressured by next customers waiting in line.  

However, in case something goes wrong, it will not be fatal, it will just slow you down a bit. What should you do then? There are two options:

  1. You need to change the number using your mobile phone. For this purpose, specify the mobile operator and enter the cell number. You have to wait for confirmation of the operation of the terminal.
  2. In case you are worried about doing all this yourself for some reason (you do not know how, you think you will make a mistake again, etc.), it can be easier call an office so that an employee can solve your problem. For higher security, you will be asked for the locker pin and passport / ID card to make the change.

As you can see, security is at a very high level, whether there is a real theft attempt or the user is facing a problem. by making your delivery.  

Which businesses are they for?

Many companies have already implemented the smart terminal solution and rely on it to work effectively. Many of them cooperate with a network of partner business points, which further facilitates and increases the quality of service. These companies include both parcel service providers, online retailers, and smart locker service providers. This whole range contributes to the fast delivery to the right locker. 

There are many developed and evolving business models on the market. It works solely for the benefit of business and customers, which means that trends and new options for designing, expanding and improving Smart Lockers Terminal Networks are constantly being considered. Businesses that benefit from this fast, cheaper and reliable service are many – from the smallest to the largest retailers.

Some examples are:

  1. Online retailers selling women’s and men’s clothing – they are one of the most popular products bought by customers. Shopping for clothes online is much easier and less burdensome, there are size charts, delivery is cheap, there is a return option, etc. 
  2. Online shoe retailers – all kinds of shoes, such as summer, sneakers, boots and boots are bought online. There are people who like a brand, the number fits them perfectly and they are just waiting for a promotion or a new model to order. Delivery to the terminal is cheap and fast and can be picked up at any time.
  3. Online retailers selling children’s clothes, accessories, accessories, etc. – mothers shop online en masse because of the limited time they have due to the care of their child. They tend to make large purchases of all sorts of things, from baby wipes to diapers, food, etc. Being able to pick up products at any time is a real relief for parents of young children.
  4. Online retailers selling cosmetics – very often some brands do not have physical stores or they are quite far away, but instead there are all kinds of cosmetics online that users can view at ease – composition, for whom it is recommended, etc. When it can be delivered on time, shopping is even more enjoyable and unburdening. Beauty is important and consumers need a wide choice.
  5. Online retailers selling food and beveragesso modern organic foods, some diet products, nutritional supplements and others are much easier to find online. Otherwise, you have to go around many stores for different types of goods.
  6. Online retailers selling hygiene productsthere are also many online retailers who are happy to have the opportunity to serve their customers so quickly and efficiently and deliver products to them within per day or two thanks to the practical terminals, located in many places in urban conditions
  7. Medical supplies and medicinesthey can also be delivered without problems and stored at the appropriate temperature in convenient lockable lockers
  8. Electronics – of course, this includes small appliances for home, beauty, etc. The large ones are too bulky and are usually delivered to the home, paying extra delivery by the customer at his request to take to the location where the appliance will be positioned (air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, etc.) or to the front door.
  9. Household goods – this includes a huge variety of goods that can be delivered to different parts of the cities that are close to the customer’s address.


At what prices?

Smart terminals are not inaccessible to business. Their price is consistent with the many benefits that they then provide to online merchants and consumers. The price can vary in a very large range, the main factors being the size of the lockers as well as the size of the common terminal. Of course, this is obvious, as there are automatic lockers in the form of mailboxes, as well as very large – several column terminals. 

There are also terminals that have a different storage mode, which is also decisive for the final price. Although more terminals are from the most ordinary lockers, there is a great variety to meet every need – freezing lockers, cooling, heating, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages




Self-service 24/7

This is one of the biggest advantages of smart terminals. Removes all restrictions on the receipt of goods by customers. The need to travel to a specific courier office, to wait for previous customers, to comply with working hours, etc. is eliminated. This is a convenience that brings many traders ahead of their competitors. 

Delivery control

Although remotely, delivery control is high. The status of the order is known at any time – it is clear whose goods are in “hands” – the couriers, in the locker or have already been taken by the customer. Guaranteed delivery and high security of storage The terminals are equipped with video surveillance cameras to reduce the likelihood of theft. The access to the locker is only with a secret code, which only the client knows. 

Saving delivery and manual labor costs

The goal is not only good service, but also some cost savings, as this is what every business strives for. All these cost savings lead to a positive direction and better profits for traders. 

Adaptable to almost any industry

Automatic lockers are tailored to almost any industry, with no particular restrictions on what entrepreneurs sell. This is due to the variety of types of lockers, which are both ordinary and very high technology for storing products. There are those that maintain a temperature that cools the presence of the cabinet, freezes or heats. 

They have an intuitive design

The design, not least, impresses customers. In addition to easy operation, smart terminals can be designed in different ways in order to meet the specific needs of each business – different sizes, maintaining certain temperatures and more.




Not applicable for wholesale business

Lockers can be of different sizes, but not as much as the wholesale business orders. This type of convenient supply is designed to serve mostly households and individual consumers.

Inefficient system due to inappropriate type of lockers installed

Lockers can be different, but the design for them must be made precisely to work effectively for business. Here the main thing is for the business to announce what goods it will mainly sell and what range it will serve in order to the terminal supplier to prepare the best project tailored to his needs.

High price

The price is completely justified, but sometimes the customer thinks that he has to pay a rather high amount to increase customer service. However, everyone sees the huge benefits of the terminals and is willing to pay for it to install the right size cabinets in the right design.


Business benefits

Smart terminals have many business benefits. This is their main goal – to facilitate online merchants in the delivery process, while increasing the quality of customer service. 

In particular, the benefits of the terminals are business are:

  1. Self-service system, which in most cases is 24/7 (except for those located indoors) – this is extremely convenient for any customer.
  2. Faster and more reliable delivery – Customers are eager and want to receive the selected goods online as soon as possible.
  3. Video surveillance to ensure a high degree of protection – this provides peace of mind in terms of protection of goods that are sent to the locker by the merchant. This builds trust on the part of the customer and he tends to continue shopping in this way and from the same supplier. The terminals have a convenient control system and touch screen – this helps to facilitate the the shipment by the customer.
  4. Receipt accessed with a chip, secret code, etc. – this is an additional convenience for the customer. They do not have to guess whether the delivery has arrived or not. As soon as they receive the notification and the secret code, they can go to the respective terminal. They have the right to 7 days from the moment of receiving an SMS or email.
  5. Remote control in case of any minor malfunction – this does not hinder the service, on the contrary – it increases it.
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