What is parcel delivery?

What is parcel delivery?

People enhance virtual communication, unlike physical meetings and face-to-face conversations. It is the same with the exchange of goods, as well as with the order from different suppliers.

Do you avoid wasting time shopping the physical stores to find the goods you and your family need? Do you like to browse online and order on the weekends while relaxing on the couch? The opportunities in the online space increase with each passing day – a variety of products, method of payment, method of delivery. Parcel delivery is growing rapidly – both for sending and receiving, which requires continuous improvement in this direction. 

What exactly is parcel delivery? What are its advantages and disadvantages? When should you prefer this method of sending and receiving your parcels? What is the difference with the other type of supply? Below in the article you will find the answer to these questions.

What is parcel delivery?

The delivery of parcels is a single shipment and includes the delivery of containers, a postal item or a parcel. The service is relatively cheap, fast and easy to manage. The possibility of receiving or sending such a shipment is offered by most postal systems, private courier companies and relatively rarely by freight carriers. 

The package should be carefully identified – with the name and address of the recipient. The type of transportation is also indicated – ordinary or express order. Accordingly, the price also differs – the express one has a higher value. The characteristic of this type of delivery is that the packages vary from very small sizes to a box with not very large sizes. Consumers usually order them at parcel terminals, which means that they must fit in the appropriate box. 

The advantage of shipments is that they can be tracked at every stage of my movement – thanks to the barcode that each package has. A barcode is a unique identifier that contains a set of numbers. It provides valuable information for the final recipient, but also serves to make it easier to find and avoid transport errors.

Advantages and disadvantages of parcel delivery

Like any service, boiler deliveries are also characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that the benefits are more, but let’s look at them anyway. See if it’s worth becoming a “fan” of parcel deliveries:


Cheap delivery

In case you are looking for budget delivery for your small shipment, this type is your best option. As the parcels are limited in size, delivery is relatively cheap, because tariffs are usually calculated per volume. Package deliveries are offered by post offices and courier services from many years ago, but today they satisfy the customer 100% because of the affordable price. Everyone is looking for cheap and reliable goods, but would consider whether to complete the order if the delivery calculation shows a high value.

There are also cases where you will have to pay a higher amount, but this is only when you need an express service. This does not mean that the amount would be so high that you cannot afford it, but you must be prepared for double the value. Express services are a standard procedure that is always more expensive. 

Fast delivery

Courier and any other type of service that deals with delivery and transport have significantly improved the quality of their services. Fast delivery is also a sign of better service. Customers are becoming more impatient and with higher requirements for each industry, which requires faster delivery. Whether you order goods from your area, from the same or another country, the delivery of packages is improved. 

Although you can not expect the same term of goods from China and goods from the neighboring city, you will certainly be satisfied with the service of courier companies. So, do not hesitate to order profitable goods for you, even if they are on the other side of the world. 

Reliable delivery

Safe delivery is what every supplier strives for, so rest assured. Although there is no guarantee of 100% for each delivery, the security during transportation is high. Reliability is an important factor in the quality of delivery, because the final recipient expects to receive a perfectly packaged, completely healthy and good-looking product. 

The security of small parcels is expressed once in the precise packaging and arrangement in the vehicle and a second time in the identification of each parcel – with a barcode and description of the data of the sender and recipient. All executives work in sync with the safety of shipments. You have nothing to worry about, even when delivering parcels to a parcel terminal located in an urban environment. 

Opportunity to deliver to a parcel terminal

Have you heard of this option and do you know how much time, money and headaches it can save you? Parcel terminals are self-service machines, but with a high degree of protection for your shipments. Usually the tariff for this type of delivery is minimal and highly preferred among more and more customers. The parcel terminal allows you to open your cage and pick up your shipment at any time of the day. 

Expect only notification of a received shipment – via email, SMS or through the terminal application. This type of delivery is easy, convenient and with minimal value. Be on the lookout for cost-effective goods and don’t worry about the cost of transportation. Automatic lockers do not limit customers to the type of goods, because they come with different construction – with different sized cells, as well as those with a special storage mode – heating, cooling, freezing, etc.


Suitable delivery only for small packages

Maybe you are already familiar with the term “parcel delivery”, and from there it becomes clear that mainly small to medium-sized packages are transported. There is usually a standard for the largest possible package. This is a disadvantage among ordering goods, because they often go beyond these sizes and accordingly have to pay a higher amount for delivery. 

Although, if you often shop more economically, you will save a lot of shopping trips, as well as money for some other unforeseen goods. This automatically turns the disadvantage of parcel delivery due to the size limitation into an advantage for you and your budget management. 

Not a recommended delivery method for all types of goods

Even if your package is small enough to fit in the respective parcel delivery package, be careful with its nature. If you decide to send a fragile or easily damaged item as a gift, then bet on safer courier deliveries. The glass vase, small and valuable items are not recommended for low-budget parcel delivery. 

More likely to lose or damage the contents of the package due to its size 

This shortcoming is more of a myth, but let’s note it as a fact. Usually, in the past, when logistics was not so developed, there were indeed transported all sorts of combinations of goods, which incredibly lead to jamming and damage of some goods, loss of others, etc. 

This is exactly what has become a stereotype – a danger when transporting small packages. Rather, it should not bother you, and your goods always have insurance and often the payment is upon receipt. The worst-case scenario is to get your money back and have to re-order, which will lead to a slower receipt of the desired product. 

After getting acquainted with the main advantages and some small disadvantages of parcel terminals, you can decide whether this type of delivery is worth it. We think there are a lot of positives especially if you place an order next to a parcel terminal. The future is in online shopping and increasing the level of service is inevitable. We are constantly striving to create convenience and innovation in the field of delivery. 

What is a parcel terminal?

Some people call parcel terminals “self-service postal services”. In fact, they are an automated system for secretly placing and retrieving shipments, collecting money and issuing notes. In short, easy and fast self-service. They consist of an interface with a touch screen for identification and lockers of different sizes where the parcels are stored. 

Parcel terminals are innovative machines that are increasing over time, as most consumers prefer online shopping and receiving packages at a time convenient to them. This type of technique allows all this – very convenient and almost no money. In addition, the operation of the machine is very intuitive and designed so that no one has difficulty. All you have to do is enter the correct code and your own phone number to unlock the cell – you get instant access.

If you are wondering where you could find the package machine, the answer is – almost everywhere. Modern plot terminals are found in the lobbies of office buildings, large supermarkets, hospitals, schools and universities, as well as outside – in key places in cities. There’s no way you can’t find a place that’s close to you or your workplace. 

The biggest advantage is that it can be used 24 hours a day, ie. Once you receive notification that your shipment is already in the locker, you can pick it up at any time. There is a limit only if you do not pick up the package within a few days. The courier will then open the box and return it to the supplier.

Be sure to look for and take advantage of the most modern method of collecting and receiving parcels! Navigating and ordering from your favorite web stores is now a truly enjoyable experience.

When should you prefer this method of sending and receiving your parcels?

The choice of delivery is entirely in the hands of consumers. Courier companies could only direct you and offer you the safest way to deliver to the final recipient. However, parcels are a real revolution nowadays, given the speed and convenience with which they arrive. 

In case you are wondering when it is appropriate and when not to bet on parcel deliveries, we can give you some tips:

  • for small and light shipments – when receiving and sending
  • when your shipments are small, but also do not represent great value or value for you – because there is a chance of loss and the risk of cheaper delivery is not worth it
  • with a small volume of purchases of everyday goods 
  • with frequent purchases that would gather in the appropriate box to the nearest terminal to you or to your work – so you can save significant delivery costs
  • in cases where you do not need express delivery – this type of service also offers a similar option, but be sure to review the conditions and ask especially about the security of the shipment. 

What is the difference with other types of delivery?

Difference between courier service and Parcel Terminals

One of the biggest advantages of parcel delivery is their price. If your shipment would meet the requirements for a parcel, then do not think about it. This is the cheapest possible transport option and one of the most modern solutions in overall logistics. The possibility of delivery to a parcel terminal is a great convenience for making online purchases at any time. Don’t worry, if you are addicted to shopping from web stores, your delivery can take place within a day or two at a symbolic price. The

Delivery of parcels is not as reliable as the courier service. 

You may have to ask for possible parcel insurance. shipment, as well as some additional protection options. Of course, this is only in cases where you prefer this method of delivery, but the goods are more expensive, more fragile, etc. Courier services provide better packaging, warranty and other advantages in terms of security of property, but the price is higher. 

Consider well-packaged shipments if you are sending via parcel service. This can significantly contribute to the higher reliability of transportation to the final recipient. Courier services have a lower chance of injury because they do not pass through common distribution depots where goods are most likely to be damaged. 

Parcel deliveries create convenience for consumers

In addition to the favorable price, parcel delivery to a parcel terminal can also save a lot of time. They provide great convenience in that the automatic machines are self-service and without fixed working hours. You will certainly save time until you reach the courier office, as well as waiting for employees to serve customers before you. 

Convenience is guaranteed – you will not have to wait at the address until your order arrives, you do not have to visit an office and you can pick up your shipment from a nearby place, 24 hours a day. Well, the motives to choose parcel delivery seem to have become many.

Courier services are more precise because they undergo special processing.

Courier companies work with manual labor, ie. people receive, redistribute and deliver the shipments to the respective recipient. Usually a shipment is processed by one person, which means much greater visibility of each process. In the case of parcels, things happen much faster, there is also the participation of people, but it is a little more indiscriminate. However, errors and damage, as well as lost goods, are rare in parcels. There are risks with both types of deliveries, simply in terms of the criterion of reliability – courier services are more preferred. Of course, the price for delivery by courier is higher .

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