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Why we are called Parcel Hive – Our goal is to make the movement of Parcels around the local communities, countries and world seamless. Our systems and Terminals give the chance of high automation and communication over distance with Single or Multiple core. This is how we envision to keep up with the changing world.

Parcel Hive is company that designs and produces high quality, efficient and appealing Automated Parcel Terminals. We cover the full spectrum from A to Z – from The concept to production, Software, Logistical Deployment, Services for Installation, 24/7 Maintenance and support.

Parcel hive has a goal to keep its product current, efficient and reliable. We aim to be the world leader for delivering and Maintaining Automated Parcel Terminals.

Our Innovation departments spend effort and resources to keep our innovation exceeding all of our requirements and needs. 

We supply Scalable electronic lockers that can fit and serve any place, any company and any purpose. We supply  apartment complexes, retailers, e-commerce, office buildings, university campuses, amusement parks and other properties with high package flow. 

Our smart storage compartments are manufactured from high quality resilient materials built to last and grant you a secure space with latest anti-theft solutions that can sustain your business in rough public environment.

CyberHive™ – Our unique software solution is built to fit our customer’s requirements, created for multi-platform usage, providing efficient storage management system and remote support.

Our Team

Our team is also your team. When your mission is to be better, flexible and efficient, you need the right people driving your vision forward. Our priority is to help you achieve your business goals on time, in scope and within budget without complications and too much effort from your side.  Parcel Hive is here for you. Get to know your team below.


Dzhemal Salih

Director APAC & EMEA


Valentin Shivaroff

Director EU & AMER


Kate Davidkova

Head of business development


Radoslava Georgieva

Sales specialist


P. Georgiew

DACH Regional Manager


Silvina Pankova

Business development specialist

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