Are You Using Fulfillment to Your Advantage?

There is constant competition in e-commerce, which means strong competition between traders. However, it is known that Amazon has been a leader for many years, but they still hold their positions today. They benefit from about half of the revenue generated through online goods orders. The advantages of good traders lie in the good supply chain, organization and automation of a number of processes. Of course, the more employees take care of the good image of a company, the better, but this is not the most determining factor for the development of a business. 


What does this execution of the order mean?

For good execution of the order it is necessary to make some compromises aimed at developing new opportunities for your business.

You should fulfill the following conditions:

  • fast delivery
  • efficiency
  • correctness
  • low price
  • personal attitude to the customer.

In order to stand out from your competitors, you must have good organization and tidy equipment. Offer fast service, good price and quality goods. It is perfectly normal to grow with the growing circle of users and their needs. Therefore, the preliminary preparation for the execution of the order is a very important step. Only in this way will you be able to ensure delivery on the same or at most the next day.

Orders have a specific profile. Most retailers make deliveries with shipping agencies in combination or with BOPS deliveries. So these store order profiles are getting smaller. Their implementation is beginning to approach e-commerce orders. 


Is it possible to achieve the achievements of the best e-merchants?

Each company, according to its scale, can build the most successful strategy that works in its favor. Only then will it begin to grow and reach large turnovers and therefore net profits. Some implementation processes may seem unattainable, but in fact, adhering to some good practices, the results will be obvious.

These are for example: 

  • offering a variety of quality goods
  • good delivery methods
  • the good service
  • good customer experience
  • knowledge and meeting customer needs

Delivery is among the key points for overall service and customer satisfaction, which will lead to repeat purchases. Orders must be delivered undamaged and as soon as possible. So, if you find the current implementation system ineffective, restructure your ideas.

Knowing your customers could bring even more value to the business you grow online. Strive to offer quality products or services, as well as many additional features. Nowadays, you need to be flexible to ensure the best customer experience. The faster, safer and more convenient delivery you offer, the more customers you will attract, while keeping your current customer base still loyal. 

All retailers can stand out from the crowd by following Amazon’s techniques and strategies, but the most important thing is to get to know your personal customers. Only in this way will you understand and meet their needs.


Executing orders with a view beyond the standard

Successful companies work on the same principle all over the world, namely they do not follow the “paved path” for sales and delivery, but offer new, more flexible models.

Here are some suggestions in this regard:

  • One of the things you could do if you work with a large volume of orders that you need to service quickly is to skip some areas. This technique is very efficient and plays a key role in logistics. It is, in fact, that freight forwarders retain more customer orders until the specific quantity reaches its full size. These are orders that are targeted to a specific region. In this way, orders are sent in bulk, saving delivery costs.
  • There are also some peak delivery times, as well as discounts or rebates for the transportation of goods. Just look at when is the best time and take advantage if you have the opportunity.
  • There are also extended delivery days, as this type of shopping allows cheaper delivery and transfer of more products abroad, as well as in a shorter time. This way you will enjoy positive feedback and customer satisfaction, even during the most festive periods (for example during the Christmas holidays).
  • In case the products you offer are more specific, for example they require a certain temperature regime, then you have a very good option. You could upgrade your carrier’s services. In this way, the routing will be able to adapt to the situation. For example, if there are changes in weather conditions, you may have access to this information. This way the delivery will not be disrupted and the customers will be satisfied. 
  • Improve the speed of delivery, as well as the service itself to the last mile. Wondering how this could happen? Add more last mile operators to your entire network. 

Be proactive in executing your online orders

Amazon, perhaps the largest online company, looked beyond the box and achieved enviable success. Its scale is already huge and you can hardly think that you can compete with such turnovers, but you can still copy many good practices from it. 

Any online retailer could increase their customer satisfaction through performance. The only condition is to have a clear focus before proceeding to the application of new tactics for the execution of orders. The most important thing is to meet the expectations of customers – to know their needs and provide them with what they need. This will build a loyal and long-term relationship. 

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