Five E-Commerce Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2021

2021, like the previous year, will leave more unpleasant memories than positive ones for us, unfortunately. The epidemic affected almost every corner and imposed very severe restrictions and changes in a number of business sectors. It was e-commerce that saved us from getting all the products we needed when we wanted to keep an absolute distance.

However, online retail faced some challenges that had to be addressed successfully. Innovations have been introduced to improve the speed of service and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Current trends at the beginning of this year for online shopping are still valid when things with the pandemic are better managed due to the large number of sick and vaccinated people.

Five trends in e-commerce: What is current and what is not in 2021.

While the current year is still running, retailers can get acquainted with the forecasts for online shopping for customers to take the right steps.

Here are the five trends in e-commerce:

  • Growth in online shopping, with the option to take from the store (BOPIS)
  • Niche brands exploding in giant Behemoths directly to consumers
  • Customers prefer to have the opportunity to shop online and in a physical store
  • Customers expect same day delivery to make orders
  • More marketing and more personalized communications

Growth in online shopping, with the option of making the store (BOPIS)

This style of shopping has become extremely popular in recent years. Statistics show that over 60% of the models consider it very useful, especially at the moment, with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Approximately 90% state that they prefer to shop through this opportunity. This requires all retailers to organize and offer this option to their customers.

The BOPIS service is developing very well in combination with the automated parcel lockers. The benefits it brings to business are not to be underestimated because they save a lot of time, manual labor and last but not least – money. It is also reduced by the delivery price, which is very valuable for all parties in an online transaction. 

Niche brands exploding in giant Behemoths directly to consumers

Niche online retailers thought consumers would place significant orders even without trying their products. In fact, this turned out to be a rather wrong move, because what motivates the consumer to buy online is precisely to be able to try, to have the right to return the goods and the amount he has paid.

If you manage to achieve customer satisfaction after good service, free and fast delivery and return option, then you will build a real empire for e-commerce. 

Customers prefer to have the opportunity to shop online and in a physical store

It is clear that the more locations a retailer has for shopping, the better. The investment in a physical and online store is large, so they start more with an online presence, and with development they also open physical stores. 

The so-called Market expansion is known as the “halo effect”. According to statistics compiled by ICSC, 88% of consumers prefer to shop with retailers who have both locations and an online presence. The availability of all these opportunities will certainly have a positive effect on the trader. 

In addition, the option to order online, pick up from the store and return there, is extremely tolerated by many customers. This makes it easier for them and does not burden them financially with paying fees in courier companies. This improves the whole retail process, as well as the channels used individually. 

Each strategy that is followed is followed by a proper examination of the data. Here it is important to know that it is not the total retail sales that are key to the conclusions of your business, but you need to review the individual sales on all platforms. This way you will get a clear picture of the state of your online sales, as well as the physical ones, and what impact they have on the business – negatively or positively. 

Customers expect same day delivery of the order

Fast, cost-effective and quality customer service in online commerce is a real challenge for retailers. However, consumers expect to receive just that. Otherwise, they will be transferred to another trader and will be loyal to him. In order to keep customers at the current level, as well as to attract new ones, then you need to consider optimal delivery.

Consumers are even willing to pay more for faster delivery to receive the goods on the same day. If they get what they want, they often repeat their purchases and make new ones in a short time. Retailers, on the other hand, need to be prepared for this step as well as offer an optimal delivery price.

The same day’s delivery is expected to grow by 22% by 2024, aided by local restaurants, groceries and retailers.

More marketing messages, more personalized messages 

The need for e-commerce data, in many different ways, persists, although some changes have taken place:

  • with the shift from third-party data collection
  • the removal of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)
  • privacy laws

Most people say they are willing to make purchases if they receive personalized marketing messages. With this step, retailers can act extremely cunningly and achieve more satisfactory revenues and, consequently, profits. In this way, higher customer satisfaction is achieved, as well as brand loyalty.

Therefore, first-person data is extremely important for achieving personalized e-commerce. In this regard, we turn to retailers and advise them to focus on developing successful marketing communications and product offerings.

Invest in:

  • artificial intelligence
  • mobile notification applications
  • targeted advertising
  • additional innovative strategies for digital marketing
  • platforms for relationship management and evaluation. 

Experts believe that with the resources available to the evolving digital and marketing field, good results can be achieved. 

In conclusion, we would like to summarize that these are the current trends in e-commerce. Over time, they expand and complement to work for you and your business as retailers. The path of development requires serious responsibility, application of new methods and innovations, such as parcel terminals, as well as a lot of work in each direction. 

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