How can parcel lockers improve last-mile delivery?

Life is getting more and more intense, and e-commerce allows a number of user conveniences. Delivering to the last mile is becoming an increasing challenge, necessitating a decision to streamline this process. The best choice is the installation of a parcel terminal – this system provides fast, reliable and cheap delivery. 


How cabinets parcels can improve solutions for the delivery of last mile

If you make a request to all your contacts, it will hardly have one that is not done online orders, or not massive shopping online consumer basket. Every day, online shoppers are increasing, and retailers are looking for ways to improve the consumer experience, which is linked to more efficient delivery.

The focus is increasingly on high technology, including parcel terminals. Increasing the volume of parcels is not a problem for them, because they are designed to meet this challenge, including reducing operating costs. 


If you are unsure how automatic lockers can improve delivery to the last mile, see their benefits:

Reduce the risk of package theft

Worldwide, countries that actively use parcel terminals have managed to deal with package theft delivered to the home. Many consumers were horrified when they did not see their goods on the porch, which clearly shows that they were stolen. Whatever measures were taken, such as CCTV cameras at home, the losses did not decrease.

What has proven to be effective are the parcel terminals, which are extremely secret to open. They provide the peace of mind that consumers need. In this way, delivery became safe and secure and thefts were kept to a minimum.


The lockers can be strictly customized. 

The automatic system can be made by the desired supplier, according to the color, design and size of the cells according to the customer’s requirements. Personalization is at a high level, so you can easily brand or put a specific company logo, which is additional advertising for your business. The configuration can also be different – the cells should be of different sizes and for all types of goods.

In addition, this great feature allows faster identification of your lockers, which will make it even easier for the user. You will also become more recognizable.


Flexibility and access control

The ways of shopping and selling have changed dramatically in recent years. online commerce is leading. However, it is closely linked to the search for secure delivery solutions to the last mile – the intelligent parcel system is the “salvation”. They offer flexibility and access control. Packages can be picked up at any time they want, which is a huge advantage. On the other hand, the retailer can quickly and easily notify its consignee using a secret QR code or PIN. 


Accessibility to the lockers 24/7

If in the case of standard deliveries to the home or courier office, you have to comply with a specific time in which to pick up your shipment, then things are different here. Forget about long queues or the loss / theft of packages from the porch. The parcel terminals are opened only by secret code and are equipped with video surveillance. In addition, they are available 24/7 for picking up and sending parcels, which is one of the main benefits for the consumer.

Consumers expect professional execution of the online order delivery service, so you need to provide them with this convenience. The dynamic world we live in constantly puts us in traffic jams, overtime at work, etc. So that we can pick up our package whenever we want, even at midnight. is something that brings high value to the consumer. 


Control of delivery costs

One of the general problems for online buyers is the high delivery costs. This stops many people from ordering online, although there is a much greater variety of goods and shopping is easier. The fact is that over the years, logistics and shipping companies have increased their services, and retailers are facing a serious problem. That’s why fast, timely and cost-effective delivery solutions to the last mile are needed. 

It is at this stage that parcel terminals show their high utility. How? Routes are optimized and empty vehicles no longer have to travel. On the other hand, retailers send full capacity of their transport resources to send packages to parcel storage points. 


Guaranteed delivery

Guaranteed delivery is an option that is very difficult to promise to the consumer. Every day we observe a number of vandalism, change of packages, stolen or damaged. Everything that is left on display (in front of the house, on the porch or in the lobby of the office) may be in a form you do not expect. 

Delivery to a parcel terminal is a service that is many times better than standard delivery. It is widely used because both traders and customers remain satisfied. Everyone is sure that the package will arrive unharmed until the last mile. 


Easy and affordable way to operate the machine

Many people are worried about being able to handle the parcel terminals on their own. The answer is that the system is designed to work intuitively and very easily so that everyone can handle it. Upon delivery of the package, the customer receives a personal PIN or QR code. All you have to do is go to the selected terminal and follow the instructions described on it. The special thing is that you have to enter your PIN correctly to open the cell (in case you use this method of poisoning, not a QR code to scan).

Traditional delivery systems are a thing of the past due to their inefficiency and high cost. Online packages are increasing dramatically, which hinders fast and timely service . Automated parcel lockers for the future and every business should bet on them. If you are looking for an effective solution for the supply of your customers, invest in this system – it is flexible, applicable for storage of all kinds of goods and offers great advantages. 

Parcel Hive
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