How long will a package be left in a parcel locker?

Do you want to place an online order with delivery to a parcel terminal? Do you want to avoid social contacts in order to pick it up? You do not want to comply with working hours? All these reasons justify your decision to choose a convenient delivery that allows 24/7 service, but what would happen to your order if you do not take it from the cage in the coming days?

How long will your package stay in the mailbox?

One of the most important questions for consumers when choosing delivery to the nearest parcel terminal is the following: How long is the shipment stored in the terminal cage before it is returned to the supplier?

If you are wondering how much time you have to pick up your shipment in person, the answer may not be very clear. Suppliers usually decide how long the shipment can stay before it is returned to them if it is not picked up. The period varies between 7 – 10 days (whether working or not). This is the maximum time you can postpone the receivable, but it is advisable to do so as soon as possible.

Although the cells are highly protected and have a suitable temperature regime, pick up your shipments quickly. Once you receive a “signal” – SMS, email notification or through the application of the terminal, you can go immediately. Deliveries to the parcel terminal are very fast, be loyal to the traders.

We would like to advise you to take a very good look at the delivery options to terminals

You may have chosen one farther from your home or workplace. Organize your delivery as conveniently as possible to pick it up quickly.

You can order at the nearest and most convenient terminal for you to pick up the products on the same day. When they arrive in the cell, you will receive an SMS or email notification, which means that delivery is waiting for you. To get it, you must have the secret unlock code.

Ordering in this way allows you to put in the virtual basket whatever you want. There is almost no limit, unless you want to buy wholesale or larger products. There are usually cells of different sizes, but still judge carefully and make an inquiry on this issue if you have any doubts.

What should we do if the deadline for taking the shipment expires and we do not have the opportunity to pick it up?

Looking for an alternative to picking up a shipment? Can someone else take my parcels as a last resort? Yes, this is the next step if you do not want your products returned to the retailer. This question also excites a number of customers who like to order mostly online.

Parcel terminals provide outstanding amenities that can not be compared to any other delivery:

  • access 24/7
  • selection of cell close distance from your home or workplace
  • high level of security
  • control delivery
  • notification by email, SMS or notification in the application
  • long enough to take the package

However, sometimes some unforeseen situations arise. It is possible to obstruct the collection process within the period in which the goods will wait for storage before being returned to the supplier.

In conclusion, here is the answer to the question of whether someone else can take your goods from the cage – yes, but subject to certain conditions.

What are the conditions for your delegate to pick up your shipment?

Although the collection of the packages is done through self-service, the collection from another person (different from the one specified for the end customer when ordering) requires compliance with certain requirements.

However, before we list them, you should know that the most important thing is that the person mentioned is a really close person you trust.

Here’s what it takes to get a package from another person when you can’t get it in person:

  • Credentials – There are terminal models that have technology that requires identification with an identity document. This is the first step that the person you gave permission to take your shipment must take. If the terminal you choose is such, you will need to explicitly notify the provider that you want someone else to do your job. You will need to provide the full name, phone number, etc. Upon confirmation, the person must go to the terminal and open the cell with the code provided.
  • Access code that you have received by email or SMS – this is the most important information that your loved one should have. Without an access code, the cell has no way to open. Be sure to give it to him so that everything runs smoothly and without problems.
  • If you need to pay, when you pick up the package, your authorized person must pay for the goods to pick them up. Must use a personal debit or credit card (in his name). In case everything is already paid, this step is skipped and the process becomes even easier and faster.


Once you understand how valuable parcel terminals are, you can use them for any online order. It is only important to do it in such a period in which you will be sure that you will not be absent for more than a week from the settlement where the terminal is located. Otherwise, the lockers are individual, top secret and a safe place for your shipments. Do your best to pick up your package in person so as not to complicate the process.

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