How to arrange a courier to pick up a parcel?

How to arrange a courier to pick up a parcel

Courier services are an affordable way to quickly and easily receive and send goods. If you want to send a parcel to an address or terminal, you must prepare the shipment well and schedule a date and time to pick it up and transport it to the right place. Couriers guarantee valuable service, safe transportation and processing of documents. 

How to properly organize the courier to pick up our parcel?

Sending a parcel, nowadays, can be done through remote preparation online. It only takes a few correct steps and a courier bus will be waiting for you to deliver the parcel you want to send. It is only important to be as careful and comprehensive as possible in the information you provide, so as not to confuse and delay the collection and delivery to the final address or parcel terminal

Steps in organizing a courier to send a parcel

Choosing a courier service

Prepare your package for transportation by courier

Depending on the type and size of your shipment, prepare a suitable box or envelope. Keep in mind that if there is a risk of the products being easily damaged (they are fragile or made of another fragile material), you need to be even more precise in the packaging.

Then choose a box with larger dimensions so that you can additionally put some kind of gasket (extra paper, foam, styrofoam, etc.). Regardless of the type of goods, once you have packed them so that they are well protected, it remains to print them finally with duct tape or some tape.

There are usually no restrictions on the type of goods you send, but it’s good to know that there are still some for certain areas. Of course, these are again products that are more special, such as fuel (petrol), ammunition and other military supplies, aerosols and others.

Investigate the issue in such cases, because it is very likely that these goods will be banned. The easiest way to find detailed information is on the website of the National Postal Service of your country.

It is important to be careful with every detail so that unpleasant sanctions, fines and others do not follow for you. Do not try to deceive the contents of the package – then it can become very unpleasant.  

Measuring the shipment you want to send

To provide accurate dimensions, the length, width and height of the package must be measured. Weight also matters, you can measure it with a kitchen scale or other electronic scale, if you have one at home. All this information is important to give you a guide to the value of the courier service. It is also one of the main requirements that courier companies want before you can finally book a seat on the bus. 

In case you suspect that the actual measurements may have any deviations, indicate a slightly larger width, length, height and total weight. This way you will be sure how much it would cost you the most. 

Look for courier services that are close to you

woman client using automated parcel lockerCouriers are many in number and work mainly in regions and districts. It is advisable, first, to look for courier services that are closest to your location. Keep in mind that there are companies that also ship internationally, which means that they may refuse to deliver a small shipment at a low cost. 

Better research and select the search to find the best deal. To get the most accurate results in the search engine, specify the keyword “courier service”, but also the name of your city. It is important to find out the final delivery address – whether they deliver to this area and what the cost of the service would be.

Compare the delivery prices of your parcel from different companies

Selecting and comparing different courier services is a step you should not miss if you are looking for the best price. Each offer must be based on specific data about the shipment – especially the size and weight. The type of goods being transported are also very important, because it must be clear whether they require a special storage regime in order to arrive safely at the final location. The additional requirements of the customer are bound by additional fees for the delivery of the shipment.

Check pickup times and delivery options offered by the courier

The service will probably require you to be present for a pickup, so you will want to make sure you can be home during the specified hours. You can also look at any time guarantees they could give, especially if you work within a time frame. Some courier services offer drop-out points. This may work best for you if you are unable to be home during the day of taking.

Book your courier service

Create an account with the service of your choice

Registering on a site for a type of service or buying goods is a standard procedure, so it is unlikely to be difficult for a user. The process is the same, requiring more concise information in some places and more detailed information elsewhere. It usually includes three names of the service applicant, current phone number, email address, permanent or current address, etc.  

Choose a location

The most common location that customers choose is that of their home. Of course, you don’t have to mention it, but you have to be careful when you get to that point. Check several times that you have specified the correct place to collect the package and then confirm it. The choice of location is important, in addition to the smooth running of the service, also to determine the final price. As important as the size of the package is, so is the area from which you specify it to be taken. 

Check the accuracy of the city, neighborhood, street and number, as well as the calculated final price. 

Pay and print the payment document

After selecting the address to pick up the shipment to complete the online courier ordering process, make the payment. A credit card is usually required, but may be with the debit in some companies. This is the last step, after which you need to click the “confirm” box. 

As proof of completion and receipt of payment, you will receive a standard note. Be sure to print it out and place it on the packaged package. Thus, the courier will facilitate the collection procedure.

Wait for collection from the courier to whom you have chosen to entrust the delivery of the shipment

Once you have set a convenient time to collect the package or packages from the courier, the company will send its employee. During the day and time range, you must wait at home or be at the address you specified as the starting point for the departure of the shipment. Wait as long as necessary. If it is delayed too much, then you can try to contact the phone to find out what the problem is. 

Find a contact phone number, customer service, or make an email inquiry. You can also double-check that the confirmation email says the same day and time so that there is no misunderstanding.


parcel tracking


Track the parcels you have sent

Courier companies provide a great option to customers, namely to track the shipment. It is extremely useful to be able to react quickly in case the shipment is delayed too long or is delivered to the wrong place or terminal cell. Tracking is done by checking with the confirmation number provided by the courier. 

To do this tracking, you must receive an email notification. Only then can you use the number to see the current state of the package – where it is at any given time. If you notice something wrong that worries you, contact the courier company immediately. 

Organizing a courier service from your address to another or to a specific terminal is an easy process that requires only some specific steps. Be specific, air several times what you have entered and the courier will be on your doorstep at the agreed day and time. 

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