How to Ensure Secure Package Delivery in Your Residential Community?

Security is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to delivering packages to the last mile. A huge number of packages are delivered by throwing them on the porch or in front of people’s homes. Mistakes are sometimes made for the recipient, and very often abused by thieves. This means that each recipient is under pressure because there is no security for its delivery. On the other hand, the management of housing cooperatives, as well as others, must combat this problem.

Did you know that there are areas where criminals roam more often? Are there homes that are more susceptible to theft than others? How to understand this and how to deal with it? Below you will find very valuable information that would be useful to any multifamily community. There is a solution to this unpleasant situation, see what it is!

Why do people cancel their commitments to be at home when packages are being delivered?

People need online shopping for many reasons – they can’t find what they need in physical stores, there are promotions on the Internet, they don’t waste time browsing, etc. However, there is a fear in online users that has prompted him to take various actions to tackle theft.

More than half of buyers cancel plans, leave work early, etc. so they can be home when the courier knocks on the door. All this is extremely difficult. That’s why everyone would be very happy if you consider the security of the packages. Many people also invest in video surveillance, but even then thefts occur.

Unfortunately, even if you stay at home, many experienced thieves do the following:

  • Many thieves position themselves and prepare for theft as the courier arrives. They hope that a package will fall out and that the courier will disperse in order to grab several packages in a pile. This means that your package may fall into the hands of the thief before the courier arrives at your address.
  • Thieves “lurk”, they are cunning and well trained. They often intercept left packets after only a few minutes.

To prevent theft, a number of American and other communities around the world are investing in security – smart package lockers. This solution provides reliability in terms of supply for the entire neighborhood. The received mail will be locked and so the probability of theft will be minimal.

In fact, only the installation of the device itself scares thieves. They need to acquire new skills to deal with unlocking the cells, but this is almost impossible because the system is equipped with CCTV cameras.

Theft of parcels is increasing, and the value of products

E-commerce allows purchases from very small and insignificant items to large appliances. All this is delivered by courier by a pre-selected method. Home delivery is most often chosen, which is associated with a high risk of theft. Probably everyone would like to find a cheap laptop and surprise their child or partner, but they would be extremely disappointed if they paid but got nothing.

On the other hand, malicious communities do not choose. They accept each package for a net profit and tend to steal even some socks, because then they will resell them at an approximate and even more expensive price. They are happy with everything they manage to take without permission, but what happens to customers then.

Do they receive compensation or a refund for the goods? The answer is ambiguous, and the procedure is cumbersome because an investigation is underway. Often the recipient takes the risk and is left empty-handed.

Did you know that a quarter of customers have been found to lose parcels? About 90,000 packages are disappearing in New York alone, according to an analysis by the New York Times. More than 1.5 million packages have been stolen or disappeared daily in the United States.

Based on several statistics, it is clear that consumers incur large costs in this regard:

  • On average, the value of stolen goods amounts to $ 50-100.
  • The average number of packages stolen at one time is approximately 2.6 per victim of theft. This large number is due to the fact that sometimes people shop in larger quantities and different goods, and delivery is on the same day.
  • Stealing packages costs Americans $ 25 million. And that’s just for the day

The good news after all the nasty data and statistics is that there is something to be done to protect community packages. The installation of parcel terminals gives high priority to reliable and safe delivery. Home managers and builders could think in this direction, because this feature will give a great advantage in the sale of housing and will contribute to a better life for those who have already settled in the housing estate.

How to deal with parcel theft?

There are several ways to deal with this serious problem. Here they are:

Invest in smart parcel lockers

Automatic parcel terminals are the best way to protect parcels and keep thieves at bay. They are designed to open in a specific way, just by having a unique code or scanning from the phone. The technology is well developed, well protected and extremely easy and convenient to use.

Locked lockers for storing packages, which are security-like because they have CCTV cameras, have a number of advantages: The

  • goods are hidden from view and locked in cages where there is no visibility for thieves.
  • Possibility to deliver almost any type of retail products. Exceptions are only some oversized goods that could not fit in one cell.
  • The time for servicing the packages by the employees who have this obligation is reduced. Thanks to the elimination of manual processes such as sorting and transmitting packets, a number of costs are also reduced.
  • There is a built-in CCTV camera that monitors 24/7

Install additional security cameras

Sometimes security cameras are not enough to protect each of your shipments. However, they serve to frighten thieves. Placing a visible camera can cause malicious people to withdraw because they are afraid of being caught. They have been proven to be quite effective tools and can protect community shipments in a property. It is advisable to install cameras, both near the lockers and those facing the entrance and others, if you think there is a need.

Regarding the characteristics of the camera, keep in mind the following: they

  • must have motion detectors
  • to be placed strategically so that they have a wider range of visibility, but at the same time be high so that they can be easily broken by thieves
  • ask for “playback” function – it serves to allow scrolling of recordings in case of need
  • ask what are the options for camera maintenance

Postal company security or surveillance signs

The identification of video cameras is a sure sign that criminals will not scurry to the site. In addition to the real ones, you can always use an additional trick that is effective and not so expensive. This is the placement of large and visible signs that clearly show that the site is guarded and monitored by cameras.

Hire Community Security

In addition to all the theft prevention measures listed so far, don’t miss the opportunity to deploy security guards. This is one of the most complex security measures and the activity is characterized by great success. Residents feel calm and protected at all times.

Hiring security guards has its benefits:

  • Residents feel safer and more secure delivery of online products
  • guards are a big threat for criminals
  • guards watch for thieves and anyone else on the property

Unite Community

Rallying community is important. When people know each other, they will always recognize the stranger who may actually be a thief. The closer the residents get to each other, the more cohesive they will be in dealing with different problems. In case someone identifies a stranger, they will discuss this with another one, two, three and remove the threat.

Community integration can be difficult due to people’s different commitments. However, there are a few easy ways to make this happen. Here they are:

  • Organizing neighborhood monitoring
  • Organizing group activities with people from the block and the neighborhood – for example, cleaning or making a small garden, etc.
  • Choosing 1 day a week or month for meetings of the block to get to know, identify problems, decision making, etc.
  • Planning City Hall Meetings

Secure Delivery of Packages for the Community

Despite the various variations to prevent parcel theft, the best decision builders or property managers could make is to install collateral terminals. The chances of theft in this way will be minimized, as well as the approach and intrusion of people with criminal intent.

The electronic terminals are operated under strict control and the packets can be locked as long as necessary until the recipient opens his cell. This type of systems are self-service, which is another convenience for consumers. Invest in security to protect shipments from residents. This convenience will not go unnoticed. Residents will thank you, and all other vacant properties will become a little more attractive just because of the added benefit of storing packages.

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