How to get package from parcel locker?

How to get package from parcel locker

Perhaps a number of you already know about the benefits of parcel terminals and use them actively? Another part maybe feel some uncertainty to trust an external terminal to deliver online ordered goods? Others do not know if they will manage them? 

If you shop mainly on the Internet or want to move more and more in this direction, then the parcel terminals are your best solution for fast, cost-effective and reliable delivery. Take advantage of the many advantages of the automatic system, shop conveniently and at a low price!

When can you pick up your shipment from a parcel terminal?

Maybe you are used to the traditional delivery method – to an address or to a courier office and you are worried whether you will be able to handle the self-service of a parcel terminal. Yes, everything is so simple and easy. Take advantage of this type of service, which provides you with the convenience of collecting the shipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, as well as a much lower price for transport. 

Once you have placed the desired products in the virtual shopping cart and completed the purchase process, you must be careful to specify the type of delivery. Choose the most convenient location of a terminal – near your home or workplace. This way you will be able to easily receive your package after the courier delivers it to the cage – “just at your fingertips”. 

And here the question arises, when will this happen? How will you know that the package is already in your individual cell? Here are the stages your delivery goes through until it reaches its final destination:

Distribution of orders

When the various orders arrive at the starting point of distribution, they should be distributed by region. Thus, certain parcels are selected and delivered to a courier serving a given area. He orders his joint shipment and begins their successive transportation.

Placing the parcels by the courier in a personal cage

The security of each shipment starts from the moment it is provided by the online merchant. Therefore, couriers who have access to the terminal cells must be pre-registered as such. The courier is allowed through a secret code to the terminals. They are also used with care in order to prevent theft and other arbitrariness. Its permission is limited – it comes down to the cells in which it must place the appropriate packages. 

This sets the first stage in the work with the terminal and is in a “courier-cell” relationship. The person’s task is to scan the parcels through the identifying barcode and enter the data of the recipient – names, address and others. For this purpose, the intuitive display of the machine, controlled by a touchpad, is used. Once the data is entered, the cell is opened, packages are placed and then closed and locked automatically.

After completing all this operation, the recipient receives a notification via email, SMS or application. Here it becomes clear when the final recipient can pick up his shipment – immediately after. Now that you know when you can go to the terminal you specify to pick up your parcel, see how easily this can happen. 

Steps for obtaining a package from a parcel terminal

Parcel terminals are divided into several main types, but they all have similar technology. They are easy to operate, so anyone can handle packing, whether or not they have the technical skills. Manufacturers of automatic machines have come up with an easy, convenient and fast way to unlock the cage and receive the shipment. 

See what are the main steps you need to follow to pick up the products you ordered:

Receive notification of a received shipment

When choosing delivery to aterminal, you must be notified. This actually gives you a signal that you can go to the selected self-service machine, open the cage and get your parcels. This step is an additional convenience for the user because he does not have to go into ignorance. 

The notification for received shipment is in the form of e-mail or receiving an SMS on the personal telephone number. This type of notification identifies the shipment as delivered and pending receipt or payment and receivable. The connection between the delivery and the type of notification of the final recipient (no matter in what way) generates a code – a unique QR code for each shipment.

Personal visit to the terminal

The collection of parcels from a terminal cage is characterized by a high degree of security – it requires identification and is monitored with video cameras installed on the machine. Personal collection is recommended – from the person who placed the order and indicated their contact details. 

Of course, for maximum convenience, there is another option – receiving from another person (relative, relative, friend, etc.). However, given the secrecy and the risk of mischief, the procedure would be complicated. 

That is why it is recommended to take your online order in person – for your peace of mind and higher security. 


In order to identify yourself in front of the respective machine, the recipient must keep his unique code. Otherwise, delays, re-checks and other complications may occur until the shipment is found to be yours. Identification is most often done by scanning a QR code. This is done easily and quickly via the touch screen. Provided code can also be entered manually – this is how some machines work. 

Opening the individual cell

After correct identification, which takes place within a few seconds, the cell should open. You just need to wait for the code to be recognized and the parcel locker will open automatically. It is advisable to open the shipment at the moment and check it to avoid confusion with the cells. In case you notice any irregularity, report and indicate the recipient’s data, which are described on the package.

Sometimes reaching the moment of unlocking the cage is not the greatest joy if the shipment is wrong. However, this should not scare you, as such situations are very rare. Don’t worry about taking the opportunity to pay a minimum delivery amount and open the box at any time. This is the biggest advantage of the terminals – self-service, available 24/7 in most cases.

Payment (in case it has not been paid before)

The perfect place for self-service is the automatic system. It completely replaces human intervention, because it allows receiving the shipment, but also payment on the spot in several different ways – in cash and by card. This means that there is no change in online shopping. Regarding the options are delivery to pay on the spot, by debit or credit card, by bank transfer or as cash on delivery. 

If you are used to the standard way, namely payment upon receipt of the products, then make the payment on the spot, on the machine. This process will certainly not hinder or slow you down. Use the steps provided and make the payment. 

Receipt of a note and completion of the order

In both cases, advance payment or payment on the spot, require the receipt of a note for the completion of the order. This is your proof of paid and received delivery. This process completes the transaction between the customer and the online merchant. Of course, the conditions for return and other additional, apply. They are valid both for standard delivery to a courier office and for a terminal. The good thing is that sending parcels can also be done at the automatic terminal.

In case you had any worries about navigating the automatic parcel system, you probably already feel more relaxed. Browse online stores for clothing, shoes, children’s accessories, food, cosmetics, etc. Shop actively on the Internet without worrying about the cost of delivery and opening hours of courier offices. With the parcel terminals you save time, money and convenience for receiving the shipment. 

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