How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment?

The choice to live in an apartment or house is entirely in the hands of a person and his family. Both types of properties have their advantages and disadvantages. Living in a beautiful and sunny apartment is a good solution, but sometimes there are difficulties in obtaining packages. Different residential buildings use different systems in this regard, which, however, can be confusing for all parties – both tenants or homeowners and suppliers.

How are emergency packages delivered?

Although such situations have not been common for more than a year, everyone is watching the world change? When a country or region is in a stressful situation, such as a state of emergency, many things change. The good news is that online stores work as well as providers.

Each website mentions the available changes regarding deliveries and whether they continue to work or not. Almost all have managed to cope with the difficulties and continue to function in a crisis. Although there are also large retailers who limit the choice of products, reducing them to the main ones, to old collections, etc. The good news is again that major carriers continue to deliver packages, even in this emergency. An even greater convenience for consumers is if they can get their products to their mailbox or parcel locker. The difference is that suppliers deliver shipments without requiring a signature.

How do package deliveries work?

For starters, the most important thing is to understand the delivery system of your apartment community. Ask about any delivery service –  FedEx, Amazon, UPS and USPS. The US mailbox, for example, uses specific ways for different shipments – letters, bills, small packages, brochures, newspapers and magazines. Rental mailboxes vary in size, but the USPS imposes some minimum standard, which is 3 inches high, 12 inches wide and 15 inches deep.

For other types of shipments that would not fit in a standard mailbox, postal carriers deliver to parcel terminals. You could choose the address as close to your address as possible, unless you do not have one in your home. Many homeowners invest in this type of convenience for all residents and tenants, thus raising the value of the property.

What are parcel cabinets?

Parcel lockers or parcel terminals are larger mailboxes that have an extremely good secret system. It can only be opened with a key or a secret code that the user receives when a shipment is received. There are many different parcel terminals – in terms of size and storage mode.

For larger communities of apartments or street terminals, those with more cells are more suitable. This can fit more shipments and serve more customers. Some users also install self-contained lockers, it would be more profitable for us to invest all the inhabitants of a cooperative, if the owner has not already taken care of it.

The key you find in your mailbox does not open the terminal cage, but simply takes you to it. Good organization requires at least one locker of ten mailboxes, although online shopping is constantly increasing and may not be enough soon.

Can our packages be delivered to a leasing office?

The leasing office may be your favorite place, but it may not be. It depends on your personal relationship with the landlord, the leasing agent or the property manager. To maintain a good relationship, avoid leaving your shipments there too long. Sending parcels to your leasing office is a good solution if you want to ensure that they are delivered directly to the recipient.

Each manager must inform you of the provisions regarding the delivery of packages. For calmer communities, they will probably keep the package for as long as you ask for it. However, there are cases in which you have a certain period of receivables – only a day or two. It is then sent to the courier and again to the merchant.

The abundance of packages is a problem for the leasing office, especially on holidays when there are a lot of shipments. They bear the entire burden of acceptance, signing, registration, storage, etc. That’s why you can sometimes have problems in the offices. In order to avoid such conflicts, many communities rely on more innovative technologies – virtual concierge services. They have the task of accepting the parcels and delivering them to the parcel lockers, and then automatically notifying the consumer that there is a shipment to pick up.

This process is very convenient for all participants and much less engaging. Consider such an option, you will save a lot of headaches, time and worries about receiving your goods.

How to properly receive packages sent to your apartment?

There is hardly a person who does not want to find the perfect solution for receiving their supplies – quickly and easily to your home. Here are some tips that anyone can do to make it easier for carriers:

Choose a place to deliver the parcels

One of the safest ways to deliver packages to your apartment is with the leasing office. In case you do not want to stay and wait at home to receive the package (or you do not have this option), and you do not want to visit the office, you have another option. Contact the courier delivery company and request the retention of the package. You can do it easily and conveniently – by phone or online.

This way you will have the opportunity to pick up the shipment from a nearby office or have it sent to your address another day.

It is important how you enter the address of your apartment.

The address is indicated when filling out your order for a certain type of goods. This is done online. It is important not to forget to indicate the specific address of the apartment in the field for “Address 1”. Fill in “Address 2” if the number of your home is not at your postal address. In case you do not enter your address correctly, there is a slight error, then most likely the website will provide you with a recommended delivery address. This is also an option, but it rarely comes to this point. The user usually has the right to check the address indicated by him several times to make sure that it is correct.

Choose an apartment with postal features

This type of convenience is a great solution to the problem of parcel delivery. Therefore, when looking for an apartment, be sure to consider the features of community mail. Many housing estates are already thinking in this direction, providing the person who receives the shipments of the residents, a well-maintained post office or outdoor mail area, approved by USPS mailboxes, a policy for keeping packages at the leasing office.

With such opportunities you will not have to stay all day and wait for a shipment to your apartment, and you can be sure that you will get it easily and conveniently without going around courier offices.


The future is focused on online shopping. More and more consumers prefer to rest every free minute, instead of going to physical stores to get food, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more. Choosing an apartment is not what it used to be. Apart from the space, exhibition, furniture, etc., the possibilities for delivery of parcels are also important. With a little more research and search you will be able to choose an apartment with efficient postal facilities. If you need to install packing cabinets, we are there for you. We expect you to contact us to advise you on the right solution. We are at your disposal!

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