Is Your Store Prepared for the Upcoming Holiday Season?

18/01/2022 Parcel Hive B2B

The holiday season is one of the best times for business, including online shopping. Many purchases are made of different nature, and consumers have a clear idea in most cases. Under COVID-19, online retail “exploded” in full force, which tends to continue after that. As a retailer, now is the time to offer your regular and potential customers something more than your competitors. Don’t miss the opportunity and plan your holiday campaigns well. 


Why are the holidays a different time of year that requires a special strategy from retailers?

The holiday season, which is between November and December, is very important for business. Whether you are a physical store, an online retailer, a combo seller, etc., you need to be flexible and think about what to offer your customers. They have expectations of you that would be good to live up to. It was found that approximately 20-40% of all sales for the year are made at that time. And how could it not be, when Black Friday starts, and then all the Christmas and New Year holidays. 


If you are still wondering whether to invest in a better sales strategy, the answer is that it is worth 100% because:

  • The consumer tends to spend more, but not aimlessly;
  • The customer is looking for convenience in shopping;
  • Expectations are for discount campaigns;
  • He wants fast service and well-established online stores, etc.

How to prepare for the holiday shopping season if we have a store?

There are many ways you can improve your shopping, and we’ll show you the best ones to stand out from the competition.

Here they are: 

The online shopping option is one of the best moves

Online shopping is no longer “fashionable” or used to fill your free time. It offers unsurpassed amenities and has become a mass phenomenon. Virtual sales are growing with each passing year. If you operate only in the physical market and do not have unsatisfactory income, we recommend that you reorient to the online space. You could move there permanently or combine your business – physically and online.


Plan each holiday separately

November and December, as we mentioned, are the months with the most holidays of the year. And the more events, the more purchases. Shopping is a very pleasant moment for the consumer, it brings him joy and good mood, but only when he is from a good trader. What is meant?

In fact, every retailer must maintain a wide range of goods, serve quickly and efficiently, and have precise maintenance of their online store. 

Participating in a campaign for every holiday is a very important moment for your business and especially for your income. Therefore, plan and invest the most during this holiday period. Analyze your direct competitors and be one step ahead of them. 


Give a better customer experience

If you want your customers to come back to you again and again, give them a better shopping experience. To achieve this, you should rely on better service, present your products in an attractive way and provide convenience in shopping. Shopping is fun, a pleasure and can be a truly amazing experience. 


Customize your site for the expected higher traffic

Over the years, many retailers have reported as a big mistake that they focus on preparing for the holiday season in a completely different way. They focus on arranging the goods and uploading them to the site, but forget that the load on the online store will be many times more. This can cause any problems, which will cost you losses. 

Remember that customers are not very patient and would quickly go out to look for the necessary goods elsewhere. Therefore, it is recommended that the system or software be updated and prepared for future higher traffic, orders, inventory management, etc. 


“Only now” offer (holiday offers and discounts) 

A good deal is about discounts and, as they say, the best offer. This is exactly what customers expect from you as retailers. They want to be left with the feeling that they are getting more for less. People are willing to spend a lot of money, but they want their purchases to be worth it. So rethink your personal pricing strategy well during the holiday season. 

The so-called holiday seasons are also long-awaited by traders, because then they earn the best. The statistics show very good data, so do not miss the moment. Encourage action such as “buy now at this price”, “expire”, etc. 

Make creative advertising of your brand and you will win, it is guaranteed! Even if it’s not about huge discounts on many items, focus on a campaign in fewer numbers. As long as you do not bet on this product. For example, you could see which one is the most bought and viewed one and offer it at a better price. 

Remember that good policies such as return, exchange and free shipping are also among the benefits of a business. The consumer is always looking for these options when shopping. 


Payment flexibility 

The payment methods you offer can take you one step ahead of the competition. Many retailers don’t think twice, but sometimes the “key to most customers and most sales” is hidden in some small details. This is how all payment options should look like – cash payment, debit or credit card payment (for example, MasterCard and Visa), PayPal, Paytm or other digital payment options. Even if only a few customers prefer non-standard payments, it is also worth providing.



Before the holiday season is approaching, you need to focus on preparing your business for changes in sales. Staff care, and hence customer care, are very valuable things that every retailer should rely on. 

Customers are in a hurry to buy the necessary gifts, so the earlier start of a campaign will not be superfluous.   

There are many key steps you need to take to meet a user’s demand and expectations. Concentrate on the most important ones, such as more employees for faster and better service, offer unique deals that one will not even think about, but will buy, etc.

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