Leveraging Brick and Mortar Stores for Fulfillment

The epidemic, which covers almost the whole world, requires serious changes and flexibility for retailers. The supply chain needs to work more efficiently to achieve good customer service and satisfaction. In this direction, micro-implementation centers are emerging, which are developing sales. 

Brick and mortar shops are used for cheaper, fast and reliable deliveries. In this way, the possibilities for implementation increase. See how things develop and what results all this leads to!


Online sales growth continues to increase not only because of the current situation in a number of countries, but also because of the amenities it offers. There is a lot of evidence for the high demand for online sales. For the Food Sector alone, sales are expected to exceed $ 100 billion this year. In addition, for absolutely every trader, sales are expected to reach about 843 billion by 2021. 

These are positive calculations that will lead to the operation of many businesses and their development, instead of having to declare them bankrupt. Thus, the first quarter of the year reported a growth of 21% in sales. 

Every trader should strive for such flexible performance options. In this important step lies their success in the future. Micro-implementation plays a key role for online businesses. Reliable sources indicate that this approach can reduce the cost of all orders by up to 75%. 

Micro centers are places to fulfill orders. They usually range from 3,000 to 10,000 square feet and are located closer to the customer. Unlike normal distribution centers, which are about 300 square feet and located in rural areas. Thus, the first, micro centers reduce the main cost of delivery from the last mile. 

They consist of two parts:

  • Physical structure
  • A software management system that processes online orders. 

The “dark shops” option

You may have guessed, but we will still clarify what is meant. The option to execute orders in the form of “dark shops” means that there is a center for the execution of this place and online orders and returns are processed there. But, on the other hand, they are not allowed for customers, which means that no additional orders are made. This also led to many unpleasant situations for traders, many of whom went bankrupt. 

Many stores had turned into a kind of warehouses and centers for automatic operations, where large retailers and e-shops make deliveries to this point. 

Lightning-fast delivery within hours

Consumers are used to receiving their shipments quickly and safely and expect greater improvements in this regard. This brings high value to online shopping, so every retailer should be able to provide it. 

BOPIS is the traditional and older way of receiving a shipment, but with it the customer again has time to find a parking space and park. Then enter the store and wait for the previous customers, and then an employee to provide him with the package. BOPIL is the so-called taking from the curb and shortens even more time – customers take their orders at the desired time, simply stopping the car. This is the fastest and most convenient way to not wait. 

You can guess which is the more preferred option! There is a study that states that customers who wait less than 2 minutes to pick up their order are four times more likely to repeat the purchase from the same retailer. This means that they will soon become loyal customers and will even recommend you to their acquaintances. One customer saves approximately 45 per month if he relies on BOPIL technology and almost everyone makes additional orders from the store. 

Technology – Competitive Advantage

With the advancement of technology, many companies have demonstrated enviable success in their online sales. While typically 12 employees working on about 15,000 square meters can execute about 300 orders per day, automated work involves processing up to approximately 1,000 orders per day. This is a serious incentive for every trader to think about optimal options in the process of order preparation and delivery. Micro-centers can provide physical staff with the opportunity to focus on another, specific activity. 

BOPIS offers an increasingly easy way to return products

Customers are accustomed to having the right to order, view the product at home and return the order intact within the prescribed period. The easy and fast return of a product, as well as the amount paid for it, greatly affects the satisfaction and loyalty of a customer. 

Over 90% are people who would make online purchases over and over again, even in the presence of open physical stores, if they could return a product so conveniently and easily. 

In case the customers take their order through the BOPIL option (online order and collection from a parcel terminal), but then do not want to keep the products for some reason – they can notify the trader and return it the same way. Again within a few minutes they can perform this easy task. If the return to the store where the order was taken, then the delay may be greater – parking, entering and waiting in line for customers. 

Delivery to the day was the “golden order fulfillment” until a few years ago, but today an even higher standard of customer service is required. Retailers must be prepared to respond quickly to ensure immediate and safe delivery. Most opportunities slow down the process of customer satisfaction, so more and more innovative techniques are being sought. 

Relying on micro-implementation sites helps traders significantly reduce delivery times as well as costs. Flexible options are not to be underestimated, especially when you could send products to your customers within a few hours.

How can lockers support micro-performance?

BOPIS and BOPIL are the two types of ordering options. Both schemes of work play an important role in maintaining high customer satisfaction. 

BOPIS means online purchase and collection from the store with completely free delivery. While BOPIL is also an online purchase, but collection through an automated process – from a parcel terminal. The second option brings an idea more benefits to customers because it does not require queuing, physical service and waste of time. In addition, collection of the shipment is as often as possible 24/7.

Parcel lockers are a secure system for fast, cheap and safe delivery for each shipment. They serve to improve the service by creating an additional condition for loyalty to a certain trader. Do not underestimate the valuable advantages of these products and look for a reliable partner for their installation in key locations. 


The execution of orders has become a real competition between traders. It can be said that it is a constant “battlefield” for new customers. That is why more and more new retail channels are being sought. This trend is expected to continue in the future. Currently, the two most successful delivery mechanisms are BOPIS and BOPIL, with BOPIL saving additional time for consumers. 

If you are a retailer and still do not achieve enviable success in your online business, switch to better ways of delivery. Customers appreciate every step you take for you to improve service.

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