Parcel Lockers: The modern solution to last-mile delivery

With delivery to the last mile, there have been a number of obstacles over the years, but today, automatic parcel terminals are the modern solution to a number of problems. Technology has proven once again that it should be a part of the lives of both the average consumer and the business. 


Parcel lockers – the modern solution for delivery to the last mile

E-commerce is attractive to consumers, and for retailers creates the precondition for more profits, at the expense of reduced physical labor of employees and saving operating costs. The volume of parcels is growing every year, which requires shippers to find an effective solution for faster, safer and cheaper delivery.

Delivery cabinets are the modern solution that can meet the requirements in this regard. They are now almost everywhere – you can meet them in the mall, in the office building where you work, in various public places (outdoor and indoor), in grocery stores and more. All well-known brands, regardless of the goods they offer, install the intelligent system to more easily meet their orders. Every delivery to the last mile needs the parcel terminals, in the construction that is needed to meet the available packages. 

Parcel cabinets are part of every delivery to the last mile, they are the hope for a better user experience, which leads to a rating of higher satisfaction. On the other hand, retailers are happy because they can offer improved service at the expense of free and faster delivery. 

Parcel terminals have many major advantages that cannot be overlooked.

Here they are:

  • With their help you will exceed customer delivery expectations
  • Expand delivery capabilities
  • Reliable delivery
  • Increase revenue and reduce operating costs
  • Optimize the delivery management process
  • Contactless delivery
  • Helps business development

How parcel terminals affect delivery to last mile?

The development of online commerce continues not only in one or two countries, but throughout Europe. England and America are among those that notice the greatest growth, and this is where the most installed parcel terminals are installed. 2021 is nearing its end, but the truth is that deliveries will increase in the future. 

Buyers expect fast delivery with flexible terms. In addition to receiving, intelligent systems allow payment as well as return of goods, completely independently. That’s why most users prefer the “delivery to locker” option, after which they wait to receive their personal QR or SMS code, with which they will open the locker after the shipment is delivered.

Losing the last mile is the best decision you’ve seen lately. Retailers have found an effective way to address delivery challenges. The cost of deliveries to the last mile, which went from commercial warehouses to consumers’ homes or offices, also fell. Experience so far has shown that it is sometimes extremely difficult to deliver a package to a customer who is not at the specified address. This can slow down the entire delivery route, often have to travel empty buses, which leads to higher costs for companies, eliminates congestion, etc.

Any choice to deliver a parcel to smart lockers means that each vehicle can be loaded to its full capacity and many packages can be delivered quickly and easily to different locations. All this favors the delivery process because fewer vehicles are needed, routes are optimized and cost efficiency is achieved. Customers can then open the cage at any time, literally 24/7, which is the greatest convenience for them.


Why is location key?

The correct location for the installation of a parcel terminal is very important to provide convenience to your customers. In short, location is a factor that can earn you a lot, so you need to consider it well. Lockers are usually placed in key places with high traffic. Such examples are railway stations, bus stations, public transport stops, large shops, supermarkets and others. It is essential to consider the user habits of the specific country and city to determine the most convenient location for your customers. This way you will make the best decision to install a parcel terminal.

The most effective place is determined after researching your customer profiles. A great example of this is understanding how often a customer group orders and where they live. Another tactic is to set up a parcel terminal where you can stop by car so that anyone who travels frequently on the same route can benefit. In this way, retailers will be able to expect the best results, because people are looking for convenience and will prefer the one who provides it. 

If the effect of convenience is lost, it is very possible that the investment in the lockers will be less effective, although designed in the design you want. It would also be good to make the location safer – equipped with video surveillance to avoid unpleasant situations such as theft or loss.

And in practice, parcel terminals are a necessity almost everywhere – whether it’s a community, whether you own a building or a commercial space. Cabinets can be designed with any temperature regime, which creates another advantage. Today, almost all retailers partner with logistics companies to deliver to lockers, not the traditional way. The larger the package of goods, the greater the demand for convenient delivery options until the last mile. 



Consumers are shopping online more than ever. This transformation took place in full force, and efficient delivery is a must in the whole picture. Many packages arrive at home or office every day, but the greatest convenience and security is provided by smart parcel lockers. As a retailer, do you want to ensure fast and trouble-free delivery? Parcel lockers are part of the best strategy. Be part of this popular and reliable solution – the benefits are many!

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