Frozen Locker

Description: Frozen locker is used in cold chain delivery to make sure the fresh of the food which need to be frozen.


Frozen locker/Freezer
Function Store or deliver foods that need to be frozen;

Cold Chain Delivery

Advantages 1.Locker body adopts foam technique to guarantee the insulation function of the box.

2.It’s quiet and energy saving with adopting of  frequency conversion tech.

3.Self-contained sterilization and deodorization function to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Configuration Refrigeration function;computer temperature control; frequency conversion tech;LCD display; Emergency door opening;Internet connection;CCTV supporting
Tech parameters 1.Working voltage:AC220V ± 15%

2.Working humidity:10%RH-90%RH

3.Working temperature:-10℃~+40℃(-20℃~+60℃,can be customized)

4.Power consumption:Standby: ≤15W Maximum :≤75W

5.Rated power:350W

6.Temperature adjustment range:1℃-6℃

7.Temperature adjustment accuracy:1℃.

Applications Shopping mall;supermaket;school;office building;community;train station and other densely populated areas.


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