Smart Parcel Delivery in 2021

The volume of online orders for the period 2020-2021 marks the largest increase of all so far. The COVID 19 pandemic imposed strict rules and safety measures, followed by the complete closure of physical stores. The good news is that today we live in an extremely modern world, full of technology and convenience – both for online retailers and for each individual user. 

The traffic of online stores will continue to grow in the future, because many people are accustomed to the benefits of ordering from their couch or while traveling, and with the delivery of a small terminal, the delivery cycle is made as easy as possible. 

Positioning an intelligent delivery system in your property can attract many new residents and keep the current ones. Many of the beneficiaries share that they tend to stay in the same place permanently just because of this advantage. 

Six advantages of smart parcel cabinets

Smart terminals, which can benefit a wide range of users, have a number of advantages for both property managers and residents of a building or private property.

All participants who have touched the use of parcel terminals share that their habits have changed permanently, especially in 2021. All orders, regardless of their composition (medicines, groceries, home products, fashion products, etc.), require a secure delivery system for parcels. 

Considering the large-scale orders and the success of the same day’s delivery, the residents share that lockers are an unsurpassed technology for convenience, which they would not replace for anything else at the moment.

It is essential for the safe arrival of the goods in the tenant’s unit to find a way for a reliable package tracking system. Almost every owner of companies for the production and installation of parcel terminals can provide some function to users. Full visibility of each individual shipment is possible, at any time.

The software we work with offers easy integration into existing property management software such as RealPage, ResMan, Entrata and more. Automatic notifications notify residents that their packages are in an individual cage and can be received already reducing the significant amount of work, time and money required to complete these tasks. 

The recipient is notified that the package is in progress or delivered. After the second notification via SMS, email or mobile application, he receives a personal code with which he can visit his nearby parcel terminal, open the cage, pay (if not in advance) and pick up his package. 


Now let’s look at five valuable advantages of lockers for parcel delivery:

  • Lockers reduce thefts packages
  • cabinets enhance the safety of the community
  • Lockers reduce labor costs / operating
  • Increasing loyalty and satisfaction of patrons
  • Lockers offer a solid return on investment

Lockers reduce thefts packages

Thanks the innovative system creates conditions that ensure the safe delivery of packages to the final recipient. One of the biggest problems until a few years ago was the fight against thieves who entered the porches, collected and re-sold goods. 

About 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen every day in the United States, and parcel terminals are reducing those numbers significantly. Thanks to them, there are no disappearing packages and dissatisfied customers, as a result of which online orders are increasing. 

Smart Lockers are Smart Move for safety

Self-service lockers allow residents to receive their packages easily and conveniently. Eliminates the moment of waiting in lines at courier offices or in the community post office. This whole process is automated and in the meantime promotes social distancing. 

The most important condition at the time of a pandemic is met, namely contactless collection of packages without interaction with suppliers or drivers, property employees who are responsible for the distribution of supplies, etc.

And the management of the locking system is more than elementary. Sends the recipient a unique access code (barcode) in a different way – SMS or email. Only through it can the corresponding cell be opened. This guarantees very high security and safety during the stay of the shipment. 

Intelligent package management increases productivity and reduces labor costs

The intelligent mailbox eliminates many of the disadvantages of labor and operating costs. Such activities are package tracking, signature validation and local notifications. According to a number of observations, information is being created that property management can reduce about 24 hours of its obligations per week. The lockers also allow secure transfer of leasing documents, keys and other access credentials.

Smart lockers with mobile application increase constant loyalty

People order a large range of goods that require special storage. Perhaps one of the largest orders is for food products – in 2020, it is estimated about 38.7 million buyers. This requires the presence of parcel terminals with temperature regimes – they can be cool functions, freezing (freezers) or heaters. 

For the property’s smart lockers, the refrigeration terminals are in the highest demand. This, of course, is not a problem, it should simply be taken into account by the owners or responsible property managers. This step is extremely important, so do not underestimate it – it increases the safety of the shipment, customer satisfaction and reduces the responsibility for storage in the community package room. You can increase the retention and loyalty of residents by up to about 40% if you invest in an intelligent system with a suitable product storage regime. 

Regarding the importance of taking shipments from the curb, many residents are wondering which is the more optimal option. The answer is that for shops for bricks and mortar, the importance of the curb is great, but also for residential complexes. That is why it is not a good opportunity here either. 

The advantages of mobile applications also give good results in customer service. They increase their constant loyalty by having the convenience to control their packages. You just need to register in the application and then specify the address of residence. There is an option to specify accessibility for special needs – for the disabled. After these steps, the recipient has a personal username, password and PIN.  

The application provides complete information about the status of the order, as well as past ones, and upon delivery you receive a notification through it. We can conclude that residents feel happy with the opportunity to register in the mobile application. 

Lockers offer a positive return on investment

Many customers consider investing in smart terminals to be risky and too high. However, in today’s situation and in this rapidly evolving world of technology, the risk is very measured. Users are used to the automatic system and do not want to replace this convenience. That’s why you can’t go wrong if you install a parcel terminal in your community.

On the other hand, many manual labor operations, as well as time, are key benefits. The property manager can be significantly relieved, prevent the loss of packages and increase the overall customer experience. The lockers offer a large selection of colors and configurations to meet both your aesthetic and package management needs. 

Ordering an intelligent delivery system – with the desired size and appropriate operating temperature, you contribute to the retention of residents in your property and you can successfully win new ones. Many managers or owners apply some techniques in this direction, and this is the easiest and most effective tool. Deliver this pleasure to your residents by showing them concern for their shipments and their health. You receive contactless package picking and self-service 24/7. 

Lockers create a competitive advantage for the owner 

The customer experience shows that the search for optimally good delivery conditions is of key importance for them. Shopping habits have changed dramatically and will continue to change. 

Since we can now order everything online, even our medicines and lunch, proper storage must be ensured. Same-day deliveries are also a challenge that requires good organization. Smart lockers can meet all these conditions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The reliable tracking system they offer is also a competitive advantage that cannot be underestimated.

The execution process, although maximally automated, settles each stage of work very quickly. Costs are reduced and the amenities are incomparable.

Reducing piracy with the delivery of parcels on the porch

This problem has become very acute in recent years, and in the epidemic situation even more so due to lack of jobs. Vandalism is common and requires serious action. There are a number of shocking data, such as that one in five Americans has encountered a theft from the balcony. About 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen every day in the United States.

Here’s the solution – smart lockers installed in residential buildings, in front of houses and other locations to serve people’s packages. Thus, the “disappearing packages” will be reduced and deliveries will become safe. 

Community shipment security increases

Every user would like to have security for their online shipment, even if they can’t pick it up right now. This is what the intelligent lockers provide – retrieving the package at any time, without having to wait in line at the courier company, etc. In addition, this method allows collection, return and payment without physical contact with couriers, employees, community managers, etc.

The intelligent system works with a high degree of secrecy, which contributes to the safety of each individual shipment. The courier takes the goods from the supplier, puts them in a specific box, and then the consumer receives a notification (by email, message or mobile application) that his shipment has been delivered. Along with the notification, he receives a secret code through which he can only open the cell. The shipment is traceable and completely safe.

Increase productivity and reduce labor costs

Package management is a time-consuming activity that takes a lot of time for employees to do so. In addition, sometimes unpleasant situations arise, such as confused or lost packets. With smart lockers this danger is eliminated, and at the same time employees can perform other activities. 

The lockers allow tracking, payment, transfer of leasing documents, keys and other access identifications. Optimize the business process of your business by eliminating obligations such as package tracking, personal notification, signature validation and more. Reduce labor costs and increase productivity. 

Smart lockers offer a positive return on investment 

The investment in the installation of smart boxes is not small, but against the background of the benefits you will receive – it seems insignificant. Even if at first glance it seems risky and too high a sum, think about the conveniences. Think about how such a step can turn tenants into residents, existing residents into loyal ones, as well as rent all the vacant space in the apartment building.

Surely a well-thought-out investment, such as parcels, will lead to positive results for your business and you will gradually see its return.

Smart lockers with mobile application maintain people’s loyalty

Online shoppers are increasing with each passing day, and this is a trend that will mark an increasing boom in the future. People shop virtually everything – from food and other necessities, to clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more. Therefore, the cabinets can have a different temperature regime to keep the goods in proper storage.

Cabinets are the best solution for safe, cheap and trouble-free storage. They are suitable for all locations, as well as for any community. This convenience significantly increases customer satisfaction and reduces the responsibility for package management. Offering smart lockers can increase residents’ retention and build loyalty to the property.

The mobile applications used by the smart terminals allow even higher control of each shipment. A resident, registering in the required platform, will have full visibility of their package. There they will also be able to record their personal data, such as address, locker selection, password, pin, etc. Automatic notification from there is also very convenient for the user. 

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