Surprising Features of the Intelligent Parcel Locker System

The intelligent parcel system is an outstanding innovation of the new age, which can facilitate a number of processes in online commerce and improve the user experience. Parcel terminals may seem insignificant at first glance, to some they may not be applicable. However, if you touch their way of working, you will notice all the advantages for the business. They are suitable for installation in many places where the flow of packages is large – hospitals, universities, housing estates and others.

Learn about the most important benefits of installing an automated package service system due to their features.

Useful features of the intelligent parcel locking system

Residents can self-service to pick up their package when they have the time

This type of automatic systems are a huge contribution to housing management. They are a convenience for both residents and managers, who would take a long time to complete this task. The lockers are most often outdoors or in the lobby of the block and can pick up their packages at any time – going to work, coming home from work, coming home from a market or a walk, etc.

The installation of parcel terminals can be done almost anywhere

You do not need to have a huge space in the lobby of the building or in front of the block. First, parcel terminals can be compact, as well as located anywhere – indoors and outdoors. So, this is not an obstacle. Just call a trusted provider, such as ParcelHive, to inform you of the best option according to your case.

Contactless deliveries

In addition to the charming design you can order for the terminal, the main features are even more captivating. The conveniences provided by smart lockers are not to be underestimated. Once notified, residents can pick up their packages extremely easily and quickly. It has a function for scanning with a barcode or via the mobile application and Bluetooth. All this is with one click, in seconds, and the locker opens. You don’t even have to use the phone’s keypad or control it via the touch screen.

The terminal parcels rely on a secure unlocking and locking system. Customization is offered for each individual property. There is no limit to where the property is located, customization is possible anywhere.

The system is equipped with video surveillance

The fact that the terminals are located outdoors does not mean that the packages are less secure. Suppliers have thought seriously about this. The installation of a camera gives clarity on who has access to the cell, when and what he does. There is full transparency regarding monitoring and follow-up and, if necessary, verification. All this guarantees the safety and high security of the delivered packages. They are protected until the owner opens the personal code box to pick up the goods received.

Lockers have the option of maintaining the freshness of perishable goods

The terminal blocks can have a very different type of cells in terms of the temperature inside and their size. This is a great advantage, as online customers can order whatever they want without worrying about what kind of items they will receive.

Refrigerators, for example, are a great option for apartment dwellers who want to get everything online – from household utensils to food. They reach a cooling temperature of up to 44 degrees. In addition, the goods in the cage are kept fresh until the consignee stores them at home. In short, terminal cells can “take care” of customers’ goods in the best way while they pick them up.

Delivery of packages is easy and possible at any time.

The terminals are made of special materials that are resistant to all weather conditions. In short, they can withstand cold, wind, rain and snow. In addition to the material, a special powder coating is also used, which contributes to the high resistance to external influences.

Possibility of delivery of larger packages

The dimensions of the package are important, but delivery is possible in all situations. It’s just that the procedure is a little different. In case the load is oversized and cannot fit in the cage, the mode of action is as follows. Upon delivery, the courier receives a personal message on the touch screen, which means that the package must be sent to the leasing office.

Thus, the package enters a storage room or is returned to the carrier’s delivery center. Immediately afterwards, a notification is sent to the recipient, which serves as a notification of the location of the package. He has to go there and pick up his oversized shipment.

Improving staff efficiency

The manager or owner in charge of managing packages should spend 3-4 hours a day dealing with the proper distribution of parcels. You must then hand them over to the correct recipient, a resident of the property. All this is a big commitment, and the whole process can be transformed into a fully automated one. Tasks such as signature receipt, sorting, storage and tracking of deliveries, as well as logistics management are avoided.

Undoubtedly, after all that has been said so far, smart lockers are the best solution. The investment is not only efficient, but also profitable, because the parcel terminals are self-service. Whether you are the owner or a manager, installing smart lockers will allow different employees to focus on more important and urgent tasks. Instead of half a working day to redistribute shipments and serve the residents.

Parcel terminals contribute to the facilitation of street traffic

The efficiency of automated parcel systems is characterized by high efficiency, on an overall scale. They save some staff costs, improve the quality of online commerce, customers are not burdened with delivery schedules, courier offices are not crowded, etc. However, studies also show statistics to alleviate congestion and road traffic.

Why choose the intelligent parcel locking system?

You may not have thought about installing a smart locker for your property until now, but you are already familiar with the many unique features and capabilities. Parcel lockers are a really good solution for residents and property managers. Save yourself a number of problems with undelivered shipments, wrong shipments, distributions and more. Bet on innovation and security with self-service technology.

Make the right choice!

Smart lockers:

  • ensure safe stay of goods in lockers
  • cost-effective are
  • save a lot of time and effort to collect, redistribute and transmit packages
  • increase the quality of online commerce
  • allow recipients making at any time
  • facilitate everyone’s life because the system is fully automated

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