Top 5 Scary Facts about Package Theft & How to Prevent It

Did you know that almost every second person worries about their shipment when they place an order online and expect delivery to their home? There are many statistics that confirm this fact. However, this should not stop you from shopping more economically or cheaply, as well as conveniently. There is a solution to the problem!

A few facts about people’s fear of online ordering

No one wants to pay for something they are not sure they will get. Neither the trader nor the customer is to blame. The problem of theft is very high and deepening, especially during the current crisis. Many seek to make easy money from other people’s troubles by tending to monitor deliveries and take them from the porch before the real owner returns from work.

Here’s a pretty shocking statistic: About 23 million Americans have been harmed by thefts of goods placed in a mailbox or on a balcony. There are also many videos, as many people have been forced to install cameras in their homes against abuse and theft.

However, online sales are increasing because the convenience of shopping is unsurpassed – one-click products are chosen while lying on the couch or relaxing after a hard day’s work. In addition, there is a great option to compare products such as prices and qualities.

Porch thieves are on the rise during the holidays. That is why you should be careful with the upcoming Christmas and New Year bright holidays.

Well, that was the bad news. Like any other problem, this one has a solution, and it is quite effective. If you live in an area or neighborhood with high crime, but do not want to give up online shopping, it is a good idea to consider installing parcel terminals. In some cases, this is the task of cooperative owners, private property managers, etc. They are applicable to anyone and everywhere.

This is a strategy that not only works, but will also bring you much more peace of mind about your packages. Every owner and the whole society can invest in terminals with personal cells. Their advantages are many: you

  • receive your shipment in a safe and secret place, you
  • do not need to instruct someone from the family to stay at home all day to wait for the courier, because the lockers are available 24/7,
  • they are designed to receive and to send parcels
  • do not waste time waiting in line at courier offices
  • delivery is fast, etc.

The best way to prevent package theft

Before you get into worries and despair, see what we can offer you. As we said, there is a solution to the problem.

Undoubtedly, the best remedy against theft of parcels is the installation of a parcel terminal. It is a sure solution to all the troubles you have suffered so far due to ignorance. You can accept deliveries quickly, easily, conveniently and securely. All that is required of you is to go to the nearest terminal, scan the barcode you have received and open the cage to pick up your shipment. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it really is.

The placement of terminals is a double convenience – for both merchants and consumers. Smart lockers are made of durable materials, have CCTV cameras and are a real horror for thieves. So far, there are no broken and open cells and no lost goods. Of course, mistakes sometimes happen, but on a much smaller scale.

No one wants to deal with stolen and lost property, and in most cases things are covered up, but always one loses – or the customer or the trader. The automatic system takes into account everything – the delivery of the goods by the courier, notification of the customer, collection of the shipment and sending the amount for the products (even payment can be made at the terminal if not previously made by bank transfer or card).  

As a salesperson, ensure greater customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of recovering money due to loss or stolen items.


Some people are still skeptical about this method of delivery, but after the first use things change. They even describe the procedure as the most successful, reliable and fast. The delivery service to a parcel terminal is more than a “bingo offer”. You can save yourself a lot of headaches, loss of time and money from lost or stolen goods. Do not hesitate! Consider the most suitable place to install a parcel terminal now!

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