Top Reasons Why ParcelHive is Your Smart Choice for Lockers

16/07/2021 Parcel Hive News

At the moment, the conditions with the COVID-19 Pandemic are relatively good, but at the peak of the closure of the states and the necessary precautionary measures, the intelligent parcel terminals did a good job. The delivery of goods to consumers, without the need for personal contact, was fast, easy, convenient and safe. Thanks to the conveniences offered by ParcelHive, the system has become a good habit for receiving online orders. 

Top reasons to choose ParcelHive – the smart choice for parcel delivery

The reasons for choosing exactly our smart lockers are many, but let’s mention the most important ones. Here they are:

You get the opportunity to choose a personal design, size and configuration of the cage

We do not offer only standard parcel terminals, with the same size and design. It can be said that we offer rather unique designs, personalized for each of you. 

You have a full choice regarding the:

  • appearance of the terminal 
  • configuration of the cells
  • temperature regime in the cells
  • overall dimensions of the terminal

Flexible working conditions

Each client is personal to us and as such we pay special attention to his wishes and requirements. We are ready to meet your expectations for payment, for choosing a terminal and everything that excites you directly. Our aim is to offer maximum flexibility, sustainability and trouble-free operation of the technology we offer. 

We offer continuous support – 24/7/365 days.

This is quite complicated and we responsibly promise each of you that you will receive such support and assistance if needed. Our teams are well trained and we constantly have a technical person who serves all our parcel terminals. we are also in a meeting to answer all your questions concerning the occurrence of any obstacle regarding the work of the cells. We deal with malfunctions, both from a distance and patrol to the given location. We guarantee that the investment will be fully justified. 

Fast delivery 

The automatic system offers perfect conditions for retail parcel delivery. Eliminates many problems that occur with standard home delivery. A number of positions have been vacated because everything is self-service and mostly without the need for physical contact between a courier and a customer, a supplier and a customer, a property manager and a resident, etc.

With ParcelHive lockers you get fast and accurate delivery, notification at the time of placing the parcels in lockers and the ability to pick up 24/7. The whole process (from purchase to receipt) takes an extremely short time compared to other types of delivery. 

We invest in continuous innovation

Automatic cabinets are not something new on the market, although they are evolving and increasingly in demand on the market. Despite the good technology, our team strives for continuous improvement of everything – design, configuration, speed of service, etc. 

Reducing porch theft

Theft and vandalism with home delivery have been a serious problem in recent years. This also reduced online orders, in contrast to the current situation. The owner of the property is not obliged to stay in his home and wait all day for the door supplier, but can receive his shipment completely independently, at any time. 

Installing smart lockers is many times a better solution than CCTV cameras. They provide fast, secure and non-committal delivery. Each package is in a safe place until the owner scans the code and opens the cell, which is allowed 24/7.

Integrated free mobile application

Not every company has a mobile application, but we, at ParcelHive, rely on maximum convenience in using our services and products. The mobile application is completely free for the user and saves time and effort. It is used to notify the delivery, through it you can open the cell by scanning the code that has been generated inside, etc. 

We report high results of satisfaction with the residents 

The satisfaction of the residents is our main priority. We are constantly working in this direction to provide everything you need when using our smart lockers. Over 80% prefer this service system, through delivery to offices, queuing and more. This makes them feel calmer and less involved in working hours. 

The positive feedback is more than satisfactory, but nevertheless we do not stop caring for our customers and making them happier. Online shopping is the future and continuous improvement throughout the supply chain must be sought. 

Full transparency along the supply chain

This advantage is very important for our customers. We have good enough tools that give full visibility of the location of the package at any time. Tracking is possible and this gives a complete overview of the shipment. We have a dashboard where you have instant access to analyzes of how and when your lockers are used to make sure your system is as efficient as possible.

Parcel terminals save management time

The biggest problem with package management is seen by managers of residential properties, multi-family communities and gated communities. By using such a self-service system, they save approximately 24 hours of manual labor. Instead, they could focus on another, more significant activity or several. 

Automatic lockers free employees from receiving and signing packages, ringing and notifying residents, constantly answering phone calls, sorting and searching for packages. Even the loss of shipments is reduced or minimized.

Many pricing options

No matter what we talk about, the price and the way of pricing are very important factors for customer satisfaction. Despite the significant return on your investment, which you will see very soon, we still offer many pricing options. 

Despite the presence of many companies that offer parcel terminals, the advantages and capabilities of the technology vary. So think carefully and choose the most appropriate system for you or your business to offer the best to your customers. 

Parcel Hive
Why we are called Parcel Hive – Our goal is to make the movement of Parcels around the local communities, countries and world seamless. Our systems and Terminals give the chance of high automation and communication over distance with Single or Multiple core. This is how we envision to keep up with the changing world. Parcel Hive is company that designs and produces high quality, efficient and appealing Automated Parcel Terminals. We cover the full spectrum from A to Z – from The concept to production, Software, Logistical Deployment, Services for Installation, 24/7 Maintenance and support.

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