Understanding Courier Delivery Process Flow

Despite the difficulties with deliveries that have occurred in recent years, we need to understand what the whole courier delivery process is subject to. In order to meet the many orders that are made online, they face a number of challenges. While it may seem obvious how couriers work and deliver, take a closer look at the whole process. Before making a reservation, it would be good to know what expectations you have from the standard courier service.  

What is a standard courier service?

Courier service is something that everyone needs. Retailers send their goods through them, and ordinary people can forward whatever they want easily and conveniently. A standard courier service is one that delivers small packages as well as larger shipments. Whether you need to send a document, light goods or those over 30 kg, your wish will be fulfilled. 

Of course, there are different companies that offer different prices, so it’s best to research the market. Once you know the exact weight and nature of the goods you will send, you can easily understand what courier services can offer you.


What does the standard delivery service include?

The order is placed after the weight of the goods has been measured, they are packed and ready for transportation. Once you are familiar with the various options of couriers and have trusted a particular one, you can safely hand over the package or packages in their hands. To indicate that you want to make a reservation, you must fill in the required information in the reservation platform or contact the courier company directly.


What do you need to know at this stage?

  • You have the option to choose to receive – you can specify a specific date, but not the time.
  • You must provide a correct and complete address to which the courier can deliver the shipment.
  • Be as comprehensive as possible when ordering, so as not to be unpleasantly surprised by the end result. The standard courier service fulfills many orders and there is not much time for personal treatment.

Understanding the flow of the courier delivery process

To understand how the entire flow of the courier delivery process works, you need to know how standard courier services work. Here are the steps to follow all the way in one package:

Step 1: Packing the goods 

The packaging of the goods you send is entirely your business, ie. of the sender. Whether it will be a trader or a customer does not matter. Courier services perform a bunch of other actions, but not this one. You need to be informed of this detail so that you do not expect it from them. You find the different packaging materials (boxes, paper, options for sealing fragile goods, etc.) and do the packaging itself. Whatever form you deliver, the goods will be sent. Remember that not only the packaging is important, but also the safety of your shipment to avoid damage. 


Step 2: Waiting for the means of transport (delivery of the goods for transport)delivery

Theof the goods is scheduled for the date you specified when submitting the request to the courier. The unpleasant point is that you have to be waiting all day, during working hours, which are usually in the range of 9-18: 00. If you do not have this time, then you can let someone else hand over the shipment, as long as you trust him. 

The broadcast is only personal. If the courier does not find anyone at the given address, the collection of the packages will be postponed for another day. Despite this option, it is better to get acquainted with all the conditions in advance, because there are quite a few countries that offer only a single experience of taking as a standard courier service. The only option in which the courier may not arrive on the specified day is due to unforeseen circumstances – high traffic on the route it takes, an accident, etc.


Step 3: Tracking parcels

Transparency regarding the current location of packages is very high today, unlike in the past. Technology offers this huge advantage through the right system. The whole route here includes collecting the package, transporting it to a central order depot, as well as a center for sorting it, and only then is it taken to the recipient. This whole process is time consuming and can be repeated several times until it is delivered to a courier for delivery to the final recipient.

Problems such as loss or damage to goods often occur along the way. That is why tracking is a very successful practice. 


Step 4: Receiving the package

Before the shipment is delivered to the recipient, it goes a long way. There is a lot of work behind fast and safe transportation, which is usually not reported by traders or consumers. The final recipient is usually impatient, but should be understanding. However, sometimes some unforeseen situations also arise that slow down the whole delivery process. The ability to track shipments gives great transparency and visibility of the shipment. 

If the delay is still large, you can contact an employee who maintains the delivery reservation platform. There is also an option for direct contact with the courier company. When delivering the goods, the courier must find the recipient. Otherwise, he has to leave a message or note stating the next date to visit in order to leave the package. 

In some countries, however, the policy is a little different. What does this mean? Courier services make only one attempt to deliver the ordered goods to the final recipient. If they do not find it on the day, at the specified address. then the order is redirected to a storage depot. 


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