What Are Smart Lockers?

Do you use lockers as a consumer or to supply packages of smart lockers? Widespread technology has taken over the world, with benefits for both consumers and businesses. Wheel terminals are a well-adapted system that provides a secure compartment for receiving and sending parcels

With this electronic lockers systems, you can earn more while improving the supply of goods. The smart lockers provide secure access and reliable delivery 24/7/365. In addition, you are not restricted in sending and receiving one type of goods, because there are a wide range of systems offering adequate storage of different goods.

Why choose such a solution? Who are they for? What are the benefits and disadvantages of them and how do they work? These are all important issues that will be addressed later in the article.

What are smart locker solutions?

Smart Lockers are a large-scale automatic systems that provides many convenience for customers and businesses. They provide an access to your inventory or assets, both from a close location and when located in more remote locations. Intelligent locker services are as sophisticated as its precision engineered operation, and so easy to manage the large volume of valuable goods, materials, and more that belong to your customers. 

Featuring cloud-based software and real-time analytics capabilities, the electronic technology can track, control, and manage inventory and assets. All this contributes to more efficient productivity, reducing the need for labor and at the same time reducing some companies’ costs. If you are thoroughly familiar with the actual operation of parcel lockers, you will not fail to implement such an intelligent solution into your business (for consumables management, delivery verification, asset control, etc.).

Technology description behind smart locker systems

Online shopping is extremely popular in each side, using this service every second. Both permanent residents at home (mothers, teens and others) and those who are constantly employed and their work ends very late. All of these groups, although quite different in status, interests, and others, buy a variety of goods. 

In a word, it seems more unnatural for a mother to buy diapers and other accessories for her baby from the store than to place an order for delivery to the nearest parcel terminal. It’s the same with electronics, books, household products, food, clothing and more. This is one big step forward for a number of internet marketers. They solve a lot of their problems with the high technology behind smart lockers:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Cost-cutting
  • Quality-of-service services

All by using a smarter way for mail, courier services and pick-up systems. In this way, the periphery of service is almost limitless, because delivery can be made quickly and easily to any city.

Smart Terminal Locker technology works efficiently and in sync with the requirements of all stakeholders. Behind the locker is not a person who handles the invisible, but software that is designed properly.

Errors are rare, but even if they do, there is a possibility of remote control to do everything possible to stop the workflow. In the event that this is inevitable, repairing any part or bug in the system will also take place within a relatively short delivery time. 

In any case, the technology behind smart lockers provides the self-service that every small, medium and large retailer needs. Every customer and commodity provider sees the many benefits of the system, prompting him to continue to buy or deliver much more in this way. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


Delivery Control

The status of the order is known at every stage, which means that a great deal of control over the delivery is experienced. At the moment of receipt of the shipment in the locker, the user will receive a notification about it, ie. they know when the package is placed, where and where it can be picked up at any time within a number of days.

Convenience of picking up the shipment due to the good location of the lockers

Both in urban environment and in many other places, the smart parcel terminals are located very purposefully. Key locations are fitness and sports centers, business buildings and offices, hospitals, universities, gas stations, hypermarkets, train stations and metro stations and more. The multitude of delivery acceptance options significantly increases online product searching and shopping. 

This convenience does not in any way make it difficult for consumers to receive their parcels, because they do not have to comply with the opening hours of courier offices, wasting time waiting for queues, etc. The service is automatic and self-contained via the easy-to-operate intuitive display. Smart lockers are available 24/7


Unlike traditional supplies where many considerations are required, smart lockers are designed for better, faster and more flexible service. For this reason, they are highly applicable in many industries. This also drives consumers to shop a lot more online, and online marketers make more money. So everyone should invest in this type of technology to provide flexible and competitive service.

Guaranteed delivery and high security of storage

Delivery of the variety of goods to the parcel terminal is an extremely guaranteed method with a high degree of security. The system is equipped with CCTV cameras, and the personal locker can only be opened by having the correct secret code provided to the recipient upon notification of a shipment received. Because the system is self-service, various fraud manipulations are envisaged and engineers have built a very robust and reliable technology that guarantees the safety of goods storage. 

Self-service 24/7 Self

Service capability is a big factor in the efficiency of smart lockers. This is paramount when a customer is shopping online. He is prompted to order daily because he knows that he will eliminate the disadvantages that ordinary delivery offers – delayed delivery, higher costs, compliance with opening hours of courier companies, etc.

In short, his package is at his fingertips and can be picked up whenever he wants – early in the morning, before work, after work, and even at night. It won’t cost him much effort to just go to the very near parcel post. This facility is highly appreciated by every customer. 

Save on shipping and manual labor

Automatic parcel terminals are a real revolution in the online business. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction by offering convenience and lower delivery costs, they also affect the business in such a positive direction. Many manual operations in manufacturing, logistics and transport can be done automatically, saving a lot of manual labor, increasing productivity at the expense of saving some costs.

They arefor almost any industry customizable

Automatic lockers are tailored for almost any industry, with no particular restrictions on what entrepreneurs sell. This is due to the variety of types of lockers that are both common and with very high technology storage products. There are those that maintain a temperature that cools the presence of the lockers, freezes or heats it. 

They have an intuitive design

Their intuitive design impresses a lot. The system is easy to operate and control. Parcel lockers can be designed in different sizes to meet personal or business needs. The size of the whole structure also – can be in several columns with the same or different size of lockers.


Not applicable to the wholesale business

The lockers mainly serve households and individual consumers. Although there are different sizes of lockers with different temperature modes, they cannot fit too large packages for the wholesale business. However, it is best to discuss the needs with a reliable parcel provider in order to make an optimal decision. 

Ineffective System Due to Installing Unsuitable Parcel Locker Type

This is another drawback, that could occur if the right type of locker for the business is not installed. That’s why you need to find a provider who has a wealth of professional experience to guide you on the right path if you are not familiar enough. Otherwise, your investment would be in vain or at least not work to the maximum benefit of your company. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Determine your initial need for the type of locker (whether it will be normal or you will need to store more special products that require heating, cooling, etc.)
  • Sized correctly – no one need to invest in bigger ones if the goods you offer and receive are smaller, and vice versa
  • Think about the best location – this is a key factor for good service. 

For which businesses are they intended and why?

Good smart locker suppliers will provide you with a large selection of lockers that you can deploy into your business environment to increase service quality. That is why it can be said that parcel terminals are extremely adaptable and suitable for many different industries (in fact, there are almost none that they are not). 

Sometimes, to provide the best possible service, it is necessary to install several types of lockers or at least two projections of different sizes. Large companies operate on this principle because they operate different online businesses offering different products. This decision is a personal or a business choice, but almost everyone benefits. 

Here are the specific services and the locker features that can be included when using smart terminals:

  • Asset Control Service – This type of service gives the user full control over the assets, meaning that they are notified at any time when something is checked, how many times was this activity, as well as when it was returned to storage.
  • Supplies Management Service – here smart package lockers monitor the management of consumables, ie. what assets are needed to be added and when goods need to be rearranged.
  • Retail Performance Service – This type of service is popular with consumers who shop online. Smart lockers enable fast delivery when ordering online products or through the mobile application.
  • Parcel delivery service – provides a safe place to move workforce to receive and store packages.
  • Daytime locker service – the name itself suggests the main function of lockers, namely renting a one-day locker to store the desired items.


What is security and how are they used?

One of the biggest concerns for businesses and consumers when sending and receiving parcels through automatic lockers is the security of the shipment. Fortunately, this claim is very quickly refuted. The intelligent parcel locker systems is not only a cost-cutting technique, but also an extremely reliable way to receive and store different types of shipments.  

They have a CCTV camera to keep the thieves away. The construction itself is extremely strong and impossible to break (or at least it would be extremely difficult, there are no similar cases). In addition, in order for someone to access the locker, they need to have a chip, a secret code, or some other indication. In short, the automatic system relies on a high degree of protection for each package. 

How are they used?

While the packages arrive at the right locker, the process goes through several steps:

  • Registration to the cloud management system.
  • Then a locker is scanned and assigned, for which a secret code (chip, card or other) is also provided.
  • The courier should deliver the shipment to the specific parcel locker.
  • A notification is sent to the recipient (via email, sms) that the package is in the locker and can be taken at any time with the available secret code. availability within 7 days must be taken in lockers. If this does not happen, the shipment is returned to the sender.
  • This whole transaction is recorded and stored in your package management system, which is a good practice if you need a reference.

If there is a cash on delivery option, payment can also be made very easy at the terminalby using a credit or debit card. Finally, upon receipt of the shipment and payment, the user must close the door and press the confirmation button through the touch screen to register the delivery as completed. 

As you can see, the procedure is not complicated, but it is highly secure for employees and users. So, there is no need to worry about storing consignments or personal assets, supplies, etc. Each stage undergoes precise monitoring in the control system to reduce any unpleasant situations – lost goods or improperly placed packages

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