Where are parcel lockers located?

Automated parcel terminals that operate with software that allows for large automation are used to send or deliver different types and volumes of shipments. Their integration of different locations helps those consumers who prefer online shopping and those businesses that operate in the online space. Today, they are considered to be one of the best and optimal logistics solutions that are increasingly used. Where are they most often located, what are their advantages and disadvantages and what are the main benefits for the business you will find out below.

Types of Locations for Automated Parcel Terminals Positioning

In many countries around the world, you will notice different sized and designed parcel lockers. They serve better logistics, contribute to lower costs, faster service, increased customer satisfaction, expanding gaps and facilitating the receipt and dispatch of parcels.  Automated parcel terminals can be integrated in many places. Among the most common locations are: The various open points in the city where there is a high turnover of people.

There is a wide variety of parcel terminals, including those suitable for outdoor installation, ie. they are not damaged by bad weather (in case of snowfall, rain, strong wind, etc.). Integrated lockers in the city are numerous because they are widely used by people. You do not have to comply with opening hours because they are available 24/7 around the clock. Unlike those that are locked at the end of the work day (for example, in supermarkets, in the lobby of an office building, and others).

Shopping malls

Shopping malls are always full, which is a good prerequisite for integrating parcel terminals. It gives a great opportunity for every consumer to do a shopping trip and then stop by the locker to receive an order they have made online. As a manager or owner of such an entity, such a decision would be very reasonable.

shopping mall parcel locker

Business Centers

Social benefits and a number of other opportunities that you can provide to your employees is the best you can do. It has been proven that every person is inclined to order the products they need while traveling to work or home, late at night, etc. However, it is a great difficulty for workers to pick up their delivery (due to longer working days and closing of courier offices).

Automated parcel terminals in the lobby of office buildings are widely used. They are also readily available to couriers who deliver them and to customers who can receive them at any time (before the start of the business day, after, or at lunch break).

Fitness Centers, Sports Centers, Spa Centers

Probably everyone has noticed and even used several individual lockers in the various recreation and wellness centers that he attended during group sports training, fitness, spas and massages. They are used to store luggage and provide a high degree of security because they are unlocked and locked by a chip, card or otherwise. 

Large Supermarkets

Weekly or twice weekly bulk shopping is a common practice for people. Continuous fluidity in major food, beverage and cosmetics stores is a good prerequisite for installing automatic parcel terminals at the inlet / outlet. This would be a great convenience for a number of users who ship from a specific online merchant. On departure they can pick up the goods, among other purchases. Here, the receipt can be made at any time, according to the store opening hours.

As a stand-alone mailbox in front of a home or multi-cellular terminals for multi-family housing cooperatives

As a property manager or building owner, you should know that any additional benefit you give to residents will increase the value of the building. An extremely large percentage of the population already prefers online shopping, and there is no greater convenience than having delivery in a personal box at the entrance (with a size that can hold different parcels of volume). This does not require paying for a more expensive delivery to an address, and always having someone waiting for the courier to pick up the package of goods. 


Hospitals are always full of staff and patients alike. As the owner of such a building and as thinking of any additional benefits that you could provide to your employees, integrate the most appropriate type of lockers. Here you can even bet on two types – the luggage storage of each worker in the locker room, for example, and in the lobby of the hospital itself.

The first would contribute to the greater security of every personal item. Other terminals could also be used by patients and medical teams. Patients are bored if they need a longer stay and could order a number of products. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics, on the other hand, work many different shifts, have different jobs, and may not always go to the hospital entrance to pick up the goods from the courier (even if they paid a more expensive delivery price to the address). 

Placing deliveries in lockable cabinets saves time and inconvenience for both the courier and the person in the hospital. 

Universities and Colleges

Colleges and Universities receive many postal and other items each day, which take time, queue up, and so on. Automated parcel terminals will reduce or eliminate this inconvenience for everyone at the university – faculty, administration, students. In addition, with the presence of similar cabinets, online commerce would increase several times over. 

Petrol stations, metro stations and more

These sites are also among the places where many people pass and a large percentage of them would benefit from taking their ordered goods online. A great opportunity to open up while they are refueling or waiting at the metro stop, which you need to get back from work or go elsewhere. Every minute is valuable to both business and consumer, and should be used to the fullest. 

Undoubtedly, installing lockers is needed where there is more crowds. At key nodes that customers usually visit and will be comfortable picking up their shipment without significantly deviating from their daily schedule, wasting time traveling, etc. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Parcel Terminals automated parcel

Creating and delivery, receipt and return system has many advantages for business and consumers alike. Here, it will be made clear why consumers prefer this method of delivery when shopping online. 


  • Delivery Control- Delivery Control – Consumers will be aware of their order status at each stage and will receive an instant notification (via email or mobile app) that they can now pick up their goods. In a word, control is very high because the customer knows when, where and how he can pick up the delivery
  • Placing the terminals at convenient pick-up or drop-off points – the large number of terminals located in different locations in cities provides a great opportunity for fast delivery to customers and easy receipt. The opposite is the same – if they want to send a parcel. Any user would benefit from such an option. They define the whole shopping process as highly efficient – not only the easy filling of the virtual basket, but also the subsequent receipt of the selected products. They can collect the goods 24/7
  • High security of storageone of the most common customer concerns is dropped instantly after deciding to avail of delivery to a parcel terminal several times. The fact that some lockers are located in an urban environment does not mean that security of consignments is minimized. On the contrary, the parcel terminals are equipped with video surveillance cameras, and in addition delivery can be made by the presence of a special code, chip, etc., which is characterized by a high degree of security. It’s not just a lock that can break any charlatan or baked thief
  • Flexibility in terms of delivery time and receiptflexible servicing is tolerated in every market segment, but here it applies with full force. Consumers prefer to buy from suppliers that bring them additional benefits. That is why every company should orient itself (if it has not already done so) to flexible service. With the option of shipping or sending to a locker, you can offer a wide window of delivery times (even at different price points) as well as receipt at any time. This convenience is highly appreciated by the users, so think about it.


Disadvantages of PTOs

Given the many benefits, it can be difficult to say that PTOs have significant disadvantages. They offer flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, incorrect addressing can be cited as such, which can make it difficult or costly to deliver. Also, some users point out that they have to deal with the locker unlocking system, the payment system and so on. (in fact, it is very intuitive and elemental to use). 

A number of studies conclude that the integration of parcel terminals adds value to the delivery of parcels. This sectoral segment is growing each year by about 9%, with an estimated $ 343 billion in 2020. The more logistics companies use this delivery method, the better their revenue results will be.

Business Benefits

With the expansion of online commerce worldwide, innovation is called for to implement a number of processes in the supply chain. Investing in the implementation of parcel cabinets is in support of all logistics companies. They will reduce the costs of the logistics chain, increase the efficiency of service and image of the company, will expand the opportunity to generate in more markets. 

Here’s how the postal industry can benefit by incorporating parcel lockers into their network. There are a number of benefits to them and they are as follows:

Better company image

One of the cases where consumers tend not to prefer online shopping is difficult, slow, inconvenient or expensive delivery. If you want to have a good image and be preferred by a number of competitors, then you need to offer something extra. Or at least offer a delivery option that is worth it. Wheel terminals are the best solution in this direction. 

This involves taking care of their customers – they can collect the products at any time (the biggest advantage is that they can do it after business hours). Doing so will build a solid position with your audience and provide a pleasant online experience for all. 

Improved productivity The

need for higher technological and physical advancement in every online industry is inevitable. Mail and parcels account for a large part of total deliveries, so greater efficiency must be achieved. Improved productivity comes with greater control in a number of operations – accounting and most of all costs, faster delivery, and so on. Lockers are this special option through which the business can improve its results – profit, expansion of markets and more.  

Improve workflows and lower costs

Terminals, no matter what their type, will give you a big boost in meeting the needs of online users. They serve to speed up delivery, and in combination with saving some labor, time and resources. It can be said to be an extremely valuable advantage because it leads to higher profits but also to improved workflows. 

The likelihood of complications, from the time the parcels are sent to the receipt of delivery, is minimized. Any industry can see very rapid progress if they rely on the right lockers at a key location. 

Improving overall efficiency

Logistics companies operate more efficiently if they use lockable delivery cabinets. Instead of the traditional door-to-door delivery, there are many significant differences here that add significant value to the performance of each service. An optimized route network, electronic notification and proof of receipt of goods are being built, rather than going around the courier and collecting signatures, waiting for the user to arrive at the address, etc. This results in cost savings and a lot of time.

Transforming logistics into automated parcels is helping the growth of retail e-commerce. Implementing such complex solutions is the best you can do for your business needs. 


The implementation of each delivery becomes more sensitive over time. The need for innovative methods for the delivery and distribution of products is also increasing. Wheel terminals are a technology that guarantees control, security, increased customer satisfaction and profits in many areas of the business. They are a step forward in retail – parcel delivery is shorter than the traditional logistics approach, and customers can avoid a number of complexities while picking up their products. 

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